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Is the Bridge IDELTOnline™ Right for Me?

Are you considering enrolling in Bridge’s graduate-level TEFL/TESOL program? We’ll answer common questions and provide instructor insights to help you decide if our most advanced online teacher training program is right for you.

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Russell with his ESL students in Tanzania

Bridge Graduate, Russell, on Teaching in Zanzibar, Tanzania

As a management consultant in Tanzania for the last five years, one part of Russell’s job is conducting English training for hospitality staff. He describes his students and the work he does with them at a boutique hotel in Zanzibar.

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Is the Bridge IDELTOnline Right for Me? A Cross-Section of Current Students

If you are you considering an academically rigorous online TEFL certificate course, read on! This blog series, “Is the Bridge IDELT – Online Course Right for Me?”, written by IDELT Online instructor, Ann Leonard, gives you the opportunity to deeply examine the Bridge IDELT Online course (International Diploma in English Language Teaching).  In this post, you’ll get to know a cross-section of graduates who recently completed 12-week IDELT Online training.

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How to Succeed in the IDELT Online (TEFL course) While Working Full-Time

Before starting the International Diploma in English Language Teaching, a graduate-level online TEFL course, I was nervous about the workload, especially since I was working over 40 hours a week. Looking back now that I’ve graduated, there were certain techniques that worked to keep me motivated and spread out my workload. Here are my “dos and don’ts” for taking a course like the Bridge IDELT Online while working full time:

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How do Online TEFL Certification Courses Work?

There are many different models of online TEFL courses, and it can be hard to know what to expect when signing up for one. BridgeTEFL offers both of the most common kinds of online TEFL courses; self-study and structured. The self-study TEFL courses (all of them with the exception of the IDELT Online) are much […]

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