Is the Bridge IDELT Online Right for Me? A Seasoned Instructor Helps You Decide!

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If you are you considering an academically rigorous online TEFL certificate course, read on! This second blog in the series, “Is the Bridge IDELTOnline™ Course Right for Me?”, gives you the opportunity to more deeply examine our highest-level e-learning course, the Bridge International Diploma in English Language Teaching™. IDELTOnline instructor, Ann Leonard, addresses some of the most common concerns students have before enrolling in the course, to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your TEFL plans. 

Committing to an Online Course Isn’t Easy!

Have you bought a pair of shoes recently? I bet you tried them on before paying for them. And when you made a more significant purchase, like a mountain bike or a high-end tablet, you probably rode the bike and used the tablet before paying. It’s what savvy consumers do!

Then why is it that, as savvy as we are, making the final commitment to an online course feels so stressful? One reason is that a course isn’t physical like shoes or a bike and you can’t “try it on” or “take it for a spin” before buying it. And, while you have easy, online access to facts about the course (find price, number of certificate hours, and a course overview here), there are common questions that students have prior to registering that are not answered by the facts. As an IDELT instructor, I can address those concerns!

“Can I work full-time while taking this course?”.

Yes! IDELTOnline is rigorous yet completely possible on a full-time schedule. 

If an intense learning experience that has you thinking like a teacher in only 12 weeks sounds exciting, but you need to balance that with a full-time job, this is your course. About 90% of IDELT students work full-time while taking this course, and more than 90% complete successfully. These students were able to commit to weekly due dates and meet them with no problem! One such student, Michelle McCrossin, who worked full time while taking her IDELTOnline course, even shared tips she picked up along the way for other busy students! (Read Michelle’s tips here.)

What is the course work like?

Beginning with discussions on language acquisition theories and teaching methodologies, the first units of the course form the basis of your development for teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, and writing in an adult context. Assignments and deadlines are the same every week for less stress. As you reflect on your professional teaching philosophy, you gain an understanding of what an effective teacher does every day in class. At the same time, you are growing a professional network through your relationships with students in your cohort. Built-in job support!

“I am new to online learning. What if I don’t like it?”

The course is 100% online, but you are never alone!

Expert instructors get to know you and guide you through the entire 12-week course. If you haven’t taken an online course before, you might imagine that “online” means working in isolation, but not so! Your dedicated teacher trainer has an M.A. in TESOL, years of experience teaching in diverse contexts, and expertise in online learning, so you feel connected from day one.

The atmosphere of the online course is no accident, purposefully managed so that each individual feels valued for his or her unique perspective. For many, the online format can be an improvement over a classroom because when writing for online you have time to formulate your ideas and opinions related to the content before submitting them. Often students feel more confident sharing in this environment. You might, too!

“I’m not very technical. Will I have trouble with the class being online?”

Our learning platform is simple to use!

Learning happens online because of solid learning theory, thought-provoking content, and strong teaching presence. We use a simple, user-friendly (and fun!) platform that allows for all of this without the technology getting in your way.

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June 7, 2017