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The Bridge Teaching English Online Specialized Certification Program Now Offers a Practicum!

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Are you interested in becoming an online English tutor?  The number of available jobs teaching English online is expanding exponentially, as both teachers and students around the globe are drawn to the accessibility and convenience of the virtual classroom. As a teacher, how can you stand out in a competitive job market and qualify for the widest range of positions possible? Bridge Specialized Certification in Teaching English Online courses– including the new, hands-on practicum – help you prepare!

What’s new about the Teaching English Online Specialized Certification Courses?

Updated Content

The Foundations and Advanced Methods in Teaching English Online courses are still 100% online and guided by a personal tutor, and we’ve added new interactive features to make the training even more engaging and fun. We’ve also updated the online TEFL course content to reflect the most current theory and methods for teaching online.

Hands-On Teaching Practice Through an Online Platform

Best of all, we’ve added the option to bundle the Foundations and Advanced Methods courses with a new Specialized Certificate: the Online Teaching Practicum. If you want to learn the theory, methods, practical skills, and technology of teaching online – and then apply what you’ve learned using a real online teaching platform –  this course is for you!

The innovative practicum gives you real experience in a virtual classroom so that you feel prepared for jobs when you finish the course. You’ll learn how to effectively identify your student’s needs and plan lessons for them accordingly. Then, you’ll get to practice delivering those lessons with an English language learner within an actual learning platform.

Ability to Record and Share Your Teaching Sessions

In the Practicum, you’ll have the ability to record your practice-teaching sessions and share the best sample videos with future employers when applying for jobs teaching English online. It’s common to be asked for a demonstration of your teaching, so this is a great way to prepare and really stand out as a serious candidate.

What features do the Teaching English Online Specialized Certification Courses have?

These TEFL courses are 100% online and can be completed from any device at your own pace within the three-month (extendable) time limit. As you work through the courses, you’ll enjoy the following features.

Interactive Course Content 

The programs are hosted on our interactive online learning platform, designed to keep you actively engaged with the course content. You’ll move through the material completing self-guided readings, doing interactive practice activities, uploading assignments for tutor review, and sharing ideas and experiences with other trainees around the world on the class virtual discussion board.

Personal Tutor and Discussion Board

Tutors BridgeTEFL courses
All students are assigned a personal tutor, who will grade written assignments for each module and provide feedback. Your tutor is also your point of contact for any questions you have about the course material and can be contacted messaged via the tutor feed on your course homepage.

Bridge Teaching English online course tutor support


The course discussion board is where you can interact with other trainees in the course. You’ll take part in conversations, share ideas, and make connections with other teachers around the world.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources in the BridgeTEFL teaching English Online course

The courses include useful PDFs, such as infographics, that you can download and use after the course is finished.

Which Teaching English Online course should I take? 

The bundled, 3-course program (Foundations, Advanced Methods, and the Practicum) is the best option for most aspiring online teachers since each course builds on the next – it’s also the best value. Although the courses can be taken separately, the full program taken together results in a comprehensive, internationally-recognized TEFL/TESOL certification of 180 hours.

Foundations in Teaching English Online

The 60-hour Foundations in Teaching English Online provides a solid understanding of the field of online teaching, such as what types of students you may find as an online English tutor, and what software and technologies are useful in the virtual classroom.

Advanced Methods in Teaching English Online

The 60-hour Advanced Methods in Teaching English Online program builds on the preliminary knowledge from the Foundations course and introduces you to specific strategies and methods used within the virtual classroom.

Practicum in Teaching English Online

The third component, our new 60-hour Practicum in Teaching English Online, is your chance to put what you’ve learned into action. You’ll get real online teaching experience via a virtual learning platform and even have the option to record lessons and share them with employers when applying for jobs (in Bridge’s Preferred Employer Network and beyond)!

Do you see yourself more as an independent ESL tutor or starting your own online ESL teaching business? Check out our newest course: Teaching English Online as a Freelancer.

What will I learn in the course?

Ultimately, the goal of the Specialized Certificate in Teaching English Online is to prepare you to be an effective online English tutor. Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Determine their student’s learning objectives and goals, and plan lessons for them accordingly
  • Effectively schedule and manage your online students
  • Conduct online classes using a variety of common software and technologies
  • Troubleshoot common technical difficulties
  • Apply concepts of Reflective Teaching Practice to your experience as an online educator

Will Bridge help me get an online teaching job when I finish the course?

Yes! there are a number of ways that we support you through the job search process.

Bridge Preferred Partners and the Common App

We can help you get started teaching online before you begin your course! Simply fill out a short form to tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll follow up with a recommended TEFL/TESOL program to prepare you for the job you want. Then, when you’re ready to job search, you can check out Bridge’s Preferred Employment Partners, which are thoroughly vetted and approved employers that Bridge works closely with. Apply to as many Preferred Partners as you like!

Job-Advising Module Within the Course

Bridge students have access to our job-advising module within their course. This is a resource focused on preparing graduates for the online teaching job market. You’ll find resume and interview tips, info on how to find companies you can connect with, and advice on where to search and apply for the latest teaching positions. The module also invites you to become part of Bridge’s alumni network!

Career Advising Team
BridgeTEFL Job Advisors

Finally, our experienced Career Advising Team will always be here to consult with you about job openings and how to best showcase your skills to find your ideal online teaching position.

Teaching English online offers freedom, convenience, and room for professional growth. If you think this flexible career is a good fit for you, get the training and experience for the job with the Bridge Teaching English Online Certification and Practicum Bundle!

Kevin is a program advisor at Bridge in Denver. He holds a bachelor's degree in international affairs and has worked as a volunteer English teaching assistant in Portugal. As an advisor, he now helps prospective teachers choose the right TEFL/TESOL courses for their professional goals.