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5 Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like An Argentine

So you’re ready to teach abroad in Argentina? If you’ve been studying a proper form of Spanish, you might be in for a surprise when you touch down in the land of vinotango, and dulce de leche. Argentine Spanish has a unique accent that you will not find anywhere else in South America. And as with any Spanish-speaking country, if you want to make friends in Argentina you will have to learn a little slang.

To help you prepare for the “Argentinization” of your Spanish skills, here are five fun slang words you will frequently hear as a teacher in Argentina. (I’m going to skip cheboludo, and the obvious ones, but if you don’t know those here is a fun video that will get you caught up to speed.)

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1. grosso/a

pronounced: like it’s written

adjective: Used to describe someone who is really, really awesome.


Hiciste el maratón? Sos una grossa! (You did the marathon? You’re the bomb.)

2. re-

pronounced: ray

adverb/modifier: Functions like very, really, or super.


Viniste a vivir en Argentina? Sos re-loca!! (You came to live in Argentina? You’re really crazy!)

3. tranqui

pronounced: tran-key

Adjective: Used to describe when things are calm, all good… no problems. This is an abbreviation of tranquilo.


Como va el trabajo? Todo tranqui. (How’s work? It’s all good.)

4. besote/besito

pronounced: bay-so-tay / bay-see-to

noun: Means kiss or kisses. These are variations of beso. Commonly used to say goodbye in phone calls, emails, and text messages.


Bueno, nos vemos mañana entonces? Dale. Besito. Ciao! (See you tomorrow then? Okay. Kisses. Bye!)

 5. joya

pronounced: hoi-sha

noun: Literally it means “jewel,” but it is used in slang to mean awesome, great, right on.


Terminaste el trabajo? Joya! (You finished the job? Awesome!)

These are just a few to get you started. Don’t worry, with a little practice you’ll be a grossa in no time.
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