Bryn Bonino

Bryn Bonino is a former educator and has graduate degrees in Latin American Studies and Intercultural Education. She currently works as a branding strategist and also runs the website Teach English In Rome where she helps TEFL teachers find work in Rome that they’ll enjoy doing. Get your free e-book on how to build your TEFL teacher entrepreneurship here:

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Marek TEFL Equity Advocates

Marek Kiczkowiak of TEFL Equity Advocates Takes on Native Speakerism

Marek Kiczkowiak has been in the ELT field for over ten years and now runs TEFL Equity Advocates & Academy which helps English teachers worldwide tackle “native speakerism” and teach English for global communication. 

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Bryn Bonino, Brand Strategist and Teacherpreneur

How Teacherpreneurs Can Leverage Storytelling To Grow Their Business

In her second guest article, experienced English teacher turned brand strategist, Bryn Bonino, shares a specific strategy for analyzing and using your unique backstory to market yourself as a freelance online English teacher.

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how to start an online english teaching business

3 Insider Tips for Success as an Online Teacherpreneur

Do you want to run a successful online ESL teaching business? Branding strategist and experienced English teacher, Bryn Bonino, shares a few of the best tips she’s learned as an online English teacherpreneur and suggestions to put them into action.

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