Teaching English to Adults

From what to expect to lucrative niches, this eBook provides a holistic look at jobs, qualifications, and classroom strategies for teaching English to adult students. Download the eBook for a practical guide to grow your practice or break into niches like teaching Business English or English proficiency test prep. Plus, get plenty of ESL activities and games to incorporate into your lessons for teaching adults!

the Teaching English to Adults eBook cover


Gain a detailed understanding of your options, perspectives to consider, and classroom strategies for teaching adults.

With this guide, you will learn about:

  • Specialized niches of Business English and test prep
  • Finding a job teaching adults
  • Teaching mixed-ability classrooms
  • Teaching in multilingual and monolingual classrooms
  • Games and activities for adults

And so much more!

Specialized TEFL Certificate Teaching Business English

Get the strategies you need to work successfully with business professionals and integrate 21st-century business skills into the ESL/EFL classroom.