Johanna Kawasaki

After backpacking Australia on a Working Holiday visa, Bridge graduate Johanna traveled to Japan for a year to teach English. She then moved to New Zealand for another two years before returning to her chosen home country, Japan, where she currently lives. Now, with more than eight years of professional English teaching experience, Johanna enjoys her expat life in Japan teaching teenagers at a private junior and senior high school, where she recently received tenure after only two years. When she’s not teaching, Johanna continues to travel regionally and explore new places.

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Shella Chua, Filipino Teacher in China

Advantages of Non-Native English Speaking Teachers in the TEFL Classroom

German-born English instructor, Johanna, currently teaching in Japan, highlights some of the unique knowledge and skills that multilingual teachers bring to the ESL/EFL classroom.

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How to Teach ESL Pronunciation and Phonics

Teaching ESL pronunciation can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can set your students up for success – and even fun! Learn the essential phonics terms, get tips for teaching pronunciation, and discover ways to assess your students’ progress.

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TEFL/TESOL Buzzwords to Help You Ace Your Next Job Interview

How prepared do you feel for your next TEFL/TESOL job interview? Being able to comfortably use some common TEFL/TESOL buzzwords during the interview can help demonstrate your training and professionalism to future employers.

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How Should You Handle Taboos When Teaching English?

Whether you’re teaching online or in the classroom, there will be times when inappropriate topics or behavior come up. Should you ignore these taboos, discuss them, or educate your students about them? Let’s take a closer look at this delicate topic so you can handle the situation with professionalism.

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The Dos & Don’ts of Error Correction When Teaching English

While when and how to correct errors when teaching English mainly depends on whether your lesson objective is fluency or accuracy, there are some key factors to consider when it comes to effectively – and sensitively – addressing your students’ mistakes.

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English as a Global Language – The Case for Teaching Different Accents and Dialects

English is a global language used not just by native speakers, but as a lingua franca between speakers of other languages worldwide. Here’s how you can teach a variety of English accents and dialects in the ESL classroom to prepare your students for effective communication.

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What Is TPR for Teaching English and How Can I Use It?

Total Physical Response, or TPR, is an ESL teaching technique based on the way children first learn to speak their native tongue. Learn how to incorporate this highly effective strategy into your virtual or in-person classes.

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Look inside a bridge digital badge

What Achievements Can My Digital Badges Showcase to Employers?

Bridge digital badges provide employers with an easy way to get the full picture of your TEFL/TESOL achievements with just a click. But what specific accomplishments can your badges showcase?

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How to Keep Online Students Motivated When Teaching ESL

One of the most difficult things to achieve while teaching English online is reaching the same levels of engagement you reach while teaching live in the classroom. Use this 10-strategy-checklist in your virtual classroom to maximize online student motivation.

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Transitioning My Classes Online: Tips I’ve Learned From My TEFL/TESOL Course

Johanna, an experienced English teacher in Japan, shares terminology, techniques and tips she’s learned from her Teaching English Online TEFL/TESOL course as she transitions her students to the virtual classroom.

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