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Jalena Johnson, AKA "Lena," lives in South Carolina. She's a military veteran completing her doctorate in business administration. Lena has been teaching, homeschooling, and working with children for over 10 years. She's TEFL certified and currently teaching English online to students abroad. She enjoys traveling, writing, music, great food, and having tons of laughs! Her motto and life approach is "Teach from the heart."

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hiring process for online teaching jobs

What’s the Typical Hiring Process for Online Teaching Jobs With Companies?

If you’ve been thinking about teaching English online, you’ve probably browsed through the many jobs with online tutoring companies. Are you ready to take the next step and apply? An online English teacher shares what to expect during the hiring process.

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Woman teaching English Online

Teaching English Online Salaries – How Much Can I Make?

As people around the globe seek work-from-home opportunities during the coronavirus crisis, teaching English online offers a flexible and accessible income source. How much can you expect to make as an online English teacher?

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Prepare for a job interview image

How Do I Prepare for a TEFL/TESOL Interview? 

Teaching interviews for online or classroom-based teaching jobs can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re new to the field of TEFL/TESOL, but it helps if you know what to expect! We’ll share tips to help you interview for your dream job with confidence.

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Group vs one-on-one online English classes

A Comparison: Teaching One-on-One vs. Group Online English Classes

While the general teaching methodology is the same when teaching one-on-one or group classes, there are some differences to be aware of, including the time allotted to teach, the content you present, and how you give student feedback.

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ESL teaching methods

Do You CCQ? Using Concept Checking Questions in the ESL Classroom

Asking students, “Do you understand? ” can be ineffective when checking understanding of a new concept in the ESL classroom. A better option? Try concept checking questions (CCQs) to really gauge your students’ comprehension.

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