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Jennifer Maguire, EdD is a freelance writer living in Southern Calif., U.S. A graduate of City University of Seattle, she is a college English professor and writer and editor of K-12 and college curricula.

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21st-century skills

Global, Digital Evolution Drives Need for 21st-Century, Transferable Skills in Today’s Employees

ESL teachers must prepare students to apply multiple resources and competencies for 21st-century global, digital exchanges Denver, CO – If you work in education, you’ve heard the phrase “21st-century learning skills” many times in the last two decades. However, descriptions of these skills have evolved over time, as has the term itself. While educators or […]

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Big Business: High-Stakes English Tests Drive ELT Test Prep Solutions

Denver, CO. – As the remote delivery of English language tests becomes more commonplace, resources to prepare test takers have evolved as well. Gone are the days of visiting a brick-and-mortar bookstore to pick up a test preparation book with practice tests. Or, at least, the print test preparation book is now part of a […]

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online English language testing

Online English Language Testing – Increased Access Comes With Security Challenges

Denver, Co. – English language testing has long been used for a variety of purposes, such as hiring and promotions, college and university admissions and immigration. The shift to online delivery of language tests did not start with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic certainly accelerated growth in the industry and acceptance of online tests […]

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Large, Global ELT Publishers Innovate To Meet Evolving Needs

Denver, Colo. U.S. – Today’s English Language Teaching industry is evolving, and global ELT publishers must continue providing content and resources to meet the needs of this fast-changing field. The world watched as Covid-19 spread quickly, changing lifestyles, businesses, governments, healthcare industry processes, and, of course, education. Schools at the K-12 level, as well as […]

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