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Jennifer Maguire, EdD is a freelance writer living in Southern Calif., U.S. A graduate of City University of Seattle, she is a college English professor and writer and editor of K-12 and college curricula.

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Online Business English teacher Graham stands next to the England flag.

Graham, From England, Teaching Business English in Colombia

Leveraging his experience in the tourism industry, Graham Sadler teaches Business English to professionals with Bridge’s corporate language program. Originally from England, he recently moved to Colombia where he has taught in a school, a language institute, privately, and now with BridgeEnglish. After years of travel as a tour leader in South America, the Middle […]

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Business English teacher Anastasia hugs her dog at the beach.

Anastasia Griazeva, From Russia, Teaching Business English

Inspired by her mother, a primary school teacher for over 30 years, Anastasia Griazeva, from Russia, has been teaching for five years. A teacher with BridgeEnglish for the last two years, Anastasia believes learning is a lifelong process with milestones but no finish line. Her faith that everyone can learn a language with the right […]

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graphic image of desks with students facing a large screen with a teacher on it and large stacks of books on the side with students sitting on them.

Post-COVID Online English Language Market Sees Continued Growth

Denver, Co – The global English language learning market is growing, but the market segment to watch in the coming years may be the online learning component of the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly impacted the online English language learning industry, as students around the world shifted to online learning, and new opportunities for edtech […]

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graphic image showing lesson plan company logos ellii, Fluentize, and ESL Pals.

We Plan, You Teach: A Closer Look at ESL Lesson Plan Companies

ESL lesson plan companies offer ready-made resources for teachers Denver, Co. – The aphorism “time is money” may sound pithy, but teachers know the value of time – and how much is spent on juggling the many responsibilities of a teacher. A typical day in the life of a teacher may include instruction, communications with […]

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Global education shifts drive upskilling opportunities in ELT.

Upskilling Opportunities for ELT Industry Grow With Global Shifts, Rise of Private Sector EFL Companies

Denver, Co – If you work in education, you’re likely immersed in a culture that greatly values continued professional development, or CPD. In recent years, this idea of continuous growth or development has evolved, and a familiar term in the lexicon of the business world has emerged that may better suit the purpose of CPD […]

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21st-century skills

Global, Digital Evolution Drives Need for 21st-Century, Transferable Skills in Today’s Employees

ESL teachers must prepare students to apply multiple resources and competencies for 21st-century global, digital exchanges Denver, CO – If you work in education, you’ve heard the phrase “21st-century learning skills” many times in the last two decades. However, descriptions of these skills have evolved over time, as has the term itself. While educators or […]

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Big Business: High-Stakes English Tests Drive ELT Test Prep Solutions

Denver, CO. – As the remote delivery of English language tests becomes more commonplace, resources to prepare test takers have evolved as well. Gone are the days of visiting a brick-and-mortar bookstore to pick up a test preparation book with practice tests. Or, at least, the print test preparation book is now part of a […]

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online English language testing

Online English Language Testing – Increased Access Comes With Security Challenges

Denver, Co. – English language testing has long been used for a variety of purposes, such as hiring and promotions, college and university admissions and immigration. The shift to online delivery of language tests did not start with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic certainly accelerated growth in the industry and acceptance of online tests […]

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Large, Global ELT Publishers Innovate To Meet Evolving Needs

Denver, Colo. U.S. – Today’s English Language Teaching industry is evolving, and global ELT publishers must continue providing content and resources to meet the needs of this fast-changing field. The world watched as Covid-19 spread quickly, changing lifestyles, businesses, governments, healthcare industry processes, and, of course, education. Schools at the K-12 level, as well as […]

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