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Bridge’s IDELTOnline™ University Partners Share Benefits of MA TESOL Pathway Program

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The journey to pursue or enhance English teaching skills isn’t just about personal growth; it’s also about making connections. Bridge’s International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnline™) provides a transformative experience that extends far beyond the classroom. Students in the fully online 150-hour program join an international cohort of trainees and learn from a master’s level instructor.

More than a TEFL/TESOL certification program, the IDELTOnline™ is a stepping stone to career advancement. In as little as 12 weeks, students can earn six graduate-level university credits that can be transferred to over 1,600 colleges and universities and can use the program as part of a direct pathway to their graduate certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate program. Three IDELTOnline™ partner universities – the University of St Andrews, Azusa Pacific University, and Huntington University – share their thoughts on the value of the IDELTOnline™ as a pathway to a master’s in TESOL.

See how the IDELTOnline™ sets you apart when applying to TEFL jobs in competitive markets.

IDELT grad, Carla
IDELTOnline™ grad Carla shared that the program helped her redefine who she is and who she wants to be as a teacher. Read her story.

About the IDELTOnline

IDELTOnline™ students learn effective, modern methodologies for teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). This includes learning language systems, as well as learning how to teach grammar and vocabulary, how to teach the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, classroom management skills, lesson planning, and how to conduct testing and evaluation.

Carla, an online English teacher and translator, completed the IDELTOnline™ from her home country of Brazil. She taught in person for nearly two decades before completing the program. “I had never studied theory and practice in such depth,” she said. “The IDELTOnline™ course has helped me in countless ways. It taught me how to reflect upon my journey as a learner, how to consider different ways of learning, and new ideas for activities, lesson planning, [and] assessment.”

Fully accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), program participants complete engaging, collaborative activities, participate in discussion boards, and attend optional live sessions.

While the program qualifies teachers for jobs teaching English around the globe, it also provides a jumpstart on MA TESOL pathway programs with partner universities. Teachers with advanced degrees qualify for top-paying TEFL/TESOL jobs at schools, colleges, and universities, as well as for leadership positions.

Eoin Jordan, from the University of St Andrews
Eoin Jordan, University of St Andrews

“Bridge has an excellent reputation within the global TESOL industry, in particular for the delivery of online programmes.”

Upon completion of the IDELTOnline™, students can articulate their teaching philosophy, demonstrate comprehension of the implications of learning contexts and student profiles on teaching decisions, understand language acquisition principles and apply the knowledge to classroom teaching decisions, effectively plan and sequence learning activities, and much more.

Qualified program participants can take the Bridge IDELTOnline™ for transferable undergraduate or graduate-level credits or as a pathway into MA TESOL programs with university partners. The IDELTOnline™ has been evaluated and recommended for up to 9 semester hours of college credit by The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®). Course graduates can present a nationally recognized transcript for the IDELTOnline™ to the college or university of their choice.

Read more about Bridge’s course accreditation here.

Learn about IDELTOnline™ partner universities

Upon completion of the Bridge IDELTOnline™ coursework, students can earn university transfer credits to over 1,600 universities around the world. The coursework can serve as the start of university Pathway Programs to a master’s degree in TESOL. Let’s meet some of our university partners.

the St Andrews campus
Bridge established a partnership to create Pathway Programs for students pursuing post-graduate TESOL and International Education programs with St. Andrews in 2022. Read more.

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews, located in Scotland, offers a range of postgraduate TESOL and International Education qualifications. Students can earn a general qualification in International Education or TESOL or specialize in a particular area of TESOL.

IDELTOnline™ alumni can apply to transfer credit to a TESOL or International Education-related program, with the qualification typically recognized for 15 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) credits if the IDELTOnline™ was achieved within five years with an overall score of 80 percent or higher, and if the applicant has an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

“Bridge has an excellent reputation within the global TESOL industry, in particular for the delivery of online programmes,” said Eoin Jordan, St. Andrews Director of the International Education Institute.

the Azusa Pacific campus
Bridge’s partnership with Azusa Pacific University in Southern California provides pathway participants with rich learning opportunities with students from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University, located in the U.S., offers online and in-person courses. “Online allows students to complete the MA at times that are convenient for them, while in-person classes allow students the opportunity to interact with classmates and faculty members in the culturally vibrant region of Southern California,” said Tasha Bleistein, Director of the Azusa Pacific master’s degree TESOL program.

Students in the online or on-campus master’s program complete foundational courses such as Teaching English Grammar, as well as unique courses like Teaching English Through Technology, which explores ways to appropriately integrate technology into the classroom and addresses current trends like AI.

the Huntington University campus
Bridge’s partnership with Huntington University, a small, Christian liberal arts university in Indiana, began in 2020. Read more.

Huntington University

Huntington University, located in the U.S., offers a graduate-level TESOL certificate that lays the foundation for teaching internationally and flows directly into the university’s MA TESOL program. All Huntington University TESOL programs, which do not have any residential requirements, are fully online but do have synchronous options for learning.

“This means there is the full convenience of online learning with no set times to be online or participate,” said Shoshannah Hernandez, Huntington University Assistant Professor of Education and Director of the Institute for TESOL Studies. “However, our faculty hosts weekly Zoom sessions live for those who want live interaction. These sessions are always recorded so you can join live or watch later.”

After completing the graduate certificate, students can complete the Master of Education in TESOL degree in one year. “The master’s degree allows participants to dig deeper into topics like curriculum development, differentiated instruction and assessment, and graduate-level research,” she said. “The degree opens doors that the certificate alone does not.”

What do students from diverse backgrounds and experiences bring to the MA TESOL program experience?

“Students from diverse backgrounds and experiences bring a wealth of perspectives, experiences, and insights to the MA TESOL program at APU, Bleinstein said. “Students share about their cultural, linguistic, and professional diversity to enhance the learning of all students in the program.”

Bleinstein shared the example of students taking APU’s intercultural communication course in which they partner together to learn about one another’s cultures. “The MA TESOL program strives to create a rich learning environment,” she said, “where students can learn from one another’s backgrounds, challenge their assumptions, and develop a more inclusive and culturally responsive approach to teaching English.”

Shoshannah Hernandez from Huntington University
Shoshannah Hernandez, Huntington University

“The experience our participants have in their linguistic abilities, language learning backgrounds, intercultural experiences, teaching opportunities, and just living life inform their beliefs about learning and teaching.”

The diverse cohorts of students who complete Huntington University’s graduate certificate learn the theory, skills, and methodologies needed to teach English in a variety of contexts to prepare them for jobs around the world. “Since our program welcomes participants from all educational backgrounds and certifies participants to teach English internationally, our students learn about a variety of teaching contexts and the methods and best practices for each of those,” Hernandez said. “The certificate goes beyond a course to provide the preparation teachers need to teach well but also provides an internationally recognized credential that is necessary for many jobs and may be necessary for work visas or residential permits in countries outside of the U.S.”

Students in the Bridge IDELTOnline™ program come from all over the world. Roger, a recent IDELTOnline™ graduate is a trained biologist, high school teacher, and trainer with Merrill Lynch’s National Training Task Force, a program that trains people in business management all over the U.S.

“I was impressed that everyone in the cohort was well-educated and interesting,” he shared. “In the program, you [participate] with your peers, so you read their work and comments, and I thought that was very valuable. Diversity is so very important in today’s world. Diversity, embracing a variety of new perspectives, and learning new things are what make individuals, companies, and nations successful.”

What are the benefits of an MA TESOL for international students?

Bridge’s online coursework provides opportunities for students anywhere in the world to participate, so students join an international group of classmates who share their unique experiences and perspectives. The collaborative environment ensures students benefit from a learning experience that positions English as the lingua franca of the world.

International students who participate in Huntington University’s TESOL programs enjoy a wealth of benefits as they interact with other students from around the globe.

“The experience our participants have in their linguistic abilities, language learning backgrounds, intercultural experiences, teaching opportunities, and just living life inform their beliefs about learning and teaching,” Hernandez said. “When you learn with people who have different experiences, your perspective broadens and causes your beliefs to broaden as well. We value learning from each other just as much as learning from faculty and textbooks.”

a screenshot of IDELTOnline™ student discussions.
Students from around the world participate in IDELTOnline™ discussions.

Tips for applying to an MA TESOL program

While students will need to highlight their academic qualifications in these programs, the university program directors agree that applicants who stand out are those who can articulate why they are interested in the program.

Bleistein shared that Azusa Pacific University appreciates applications that highlight why a potential student is interested in the field of TESOL and identify how the applicant’s previous experience will prepare them for graduate studies.

Similarly, Hernandez shared that applicants who go beyond their academic background when sharing their “why” in the application’s written response portion often stand out. “A lot of people have the academic qualifications,” she said. “But we eagerly look to this written response to get a feel for the applicant’s passion.”

Students who complete the IDELTOnline™ will be well prepared to apply to a university MA TESOL pathway program as preparation of their teaching philosophy and reflective approaches to teaching and learning are part of the program.

Where can an MA TESOL degree take you?

A master’s degree in TESOL can open up a world of possibilities. From teaching at any level and context to training business professionals to launching an independent business, there are many opportunities that exist and jobs you can get with an MA in TESOL.

Tasha Bleistein from Azusa Pacific University
Tasha Bleistein, Azusa Pacific University

“We have graduates teaching around the world in more than 40 countries.”

“Our students do a variety of things with their degrees,” said Hernandez. “Many become teachers in schools, but many teach online or teach in intensive English programs, at universities, or in community-based ESL programs.

We have also had participants service with the U.S. Department of State as an English Language Fellow internationally and others serve as university professors in TESOL programs. There’s no limit to what you can do with a TESOL degree!”

Bleistein agreed, sharing that Azusa Pacific graduates often also teach in community colleges, universities, and other language schools.

“Others teach in K-12 classrooms,” she said. “We have graduates teaching around the world in more than 40 countries. Some graduates go on to pursue a PhD and are professors while others move into leadership positions, like program directors. We’re proud of our amazing alumni!”

Ready to get started on the path to a master’s degree in TESOL? Learn more about the IDELTOnline™.

Jennifer Maguire, EdD is a freelance writer living in Southern Calif., U.S. A graduate of City University of Seattle, she is a college English professor and writer and editor of K-12 and college curricula.