Johanna Kawasaki

After backpacking Australia on a Working Holiday visa, Bridge graduate Johanna traveled to Japan for a year to teach English. She then moved to New Zealand for another two years before returning to her chosen home country, Japan, where she currently lives. Now, with more than eight years of professional English teaching experience, Johanna enjoys her expat life in Japan teaching teenagers at a private junior and senior high school, where she recently received tenure after only two years. When she’s not teaching, Johanna continues to travel regionally and explore new places.

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A teacher stands in front of a classroom of young learners.

5 Popular ESL Teaching Methods Every Teacher Should Know

Check out these 5 popular ESL teaching methods, including communicative language teaching (CLT) and total physical response (TPR), to stay up to date on the latest English teaching trends and try some new strategies in the classroom.

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how to teach pronunciation to esl students

How to Teach ESL Pronunciation and Phonics

Teaching ESL pronunciation can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can set your students up for success – and even fun! Learn the essential phonics terms, get tips for teaching pronunciation, and discover ways to assess your students’ progress.

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digital badges for TEFL/TESOL

What Achievements Can My Digital Badges Showcase to Employers?

Bridge digital badges provide employers with an easy way to get the full picture of your TEFL/TESOL achievements with just a click. But what specific accomplishments can your badges showcase?

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games for teaching business english

10 Fun & Easy Games for Teaching Business English to Adults

Games aren’t just for kids – they’re also an effective method when it comes to teaching Business English! Try using these 10 games for teaching Business English to adults to help your students retain vocabulary and improve their professional English skills.

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Bridge grad, Shella, from the Philippines, teaching English in China

Using Drama as an ESL Teaching Method

Using drama as an ESL teaching method is a fun way to engage your English language students, get them up and moving, and build their confidence with the language.

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challenges ESL students face

10 ESL Warm-Up Activities for Every Age

These ESL warm-up activities for young learners, teens, and adults will get your students into a learning mindset and prepare them for their upcoming lesson. Use them when teaching English online or in person!

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Inquiry-based learning

Empower Your Students With Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning, also known as exploratory or active learning, is a teaching method that motivates and engages your students. Find out when and how to use inquiry-based learning in the ESL classroom.

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task-based learning

What Is Task-Based Learning? A Guide to the Popular Teaching Method

Find out the answer to “What is task-based learning?” and discover why this ESL teaching method is effective. Plus, get task-based lesson plans that you can use in your virtual or physical classroom.

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EFL teacher

How to Teach Participial Adjectives to ESL Students

Learn the ins and outs of teaching participial adjectives to ESL students with these tips, rules, and examples. We’ve also included a table of the most commonly used participial adjectives, as well as suggestions on which participle endings to teach together!

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challenges ESL students face

Top Tips for Creating Materials for the EFL Classroom

Find out how adapting or creating materials for the EFL classroom can help keep your students motivated and learning. Read these top tips for creating materials, like tests, games, and warm-up activities, for the physical or virtual classroom.

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