Rewarding your EFL Students: Don’t Forget to Add the Smiley Face!

September 12, 2013

Every accomplishment deserves a well done or pat on the back. Don’t forget to praise your EFL students when they achieve, correctly pronounce, and participate. English class can be no fun for students with drills, repetition, and homework. So don’t forget to encourage them and applaud them.

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Here are some words of praise you can use in your EFL classroom: High five! Well Done! Congratulations! You did it! Fantastic! Superb! Amazing! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Wow! Spectacular! Phenomenal! What a great idea! You have made great progress! Outstanding! I knew you had it in you! Keep up the good work! Getting better all the time!

If you can’t find the words, add smiley faces to your grading, add stickers to their papers, and maybe have a marble jar of success. When I was in school we had a jar that we would have to fill with marbles. Once this jar was full of marbles we got a treat, like popcorn day or wear your pajamas to school day. A way to get a marble in the jar was to do well on a challenge, get first place during an in-class game, good behavior, or a good grade. These can be modified to fit your class, but it was a goal our classroom had, and it was a positive influence for us to succeed. Our newest Specialized Certificates in Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers explain other ways to effectively manage your classroom and student behavior and how to adapt them to the appropriate group.

For EFL teachers, speaking English is a natural flow of words, but to students, it can be a struggle and frustrating. To hear these words of support and having classroom goals gives them reassurance that they are truly doing a job well done.

How do you reward your EFL students?