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Freelance writer and journalist for 10 years specializing in culture writing. Savannah has degrees in Professional Writing and Business, living as a Digital Nomad with roots. Early adopter, coffee aficionado, people person.

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Introducing the Teacherpreneur Academy: Empowering Educators to Launch an Independent Teaching Career

A new kind of entrepreneur has arrived and is changing the landscape of online English language teaching. The teacherpreneur is an independent educator, driven business owner and lifelong student. These diverse ESL instructors are sometimes digital nomads, teaching English online from around the globe, and other times they are online English teachers working from home […]

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From Teaching Abroad to Teaching Online: Rise of the Digital Nomad

A new day breaks and online English teacher Andrea Beatriz Collados settles in at her desk in her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina to start a new day of teaching. With more than 20 years of experience, Collados has taught students of all ages on five different continents. Her teaching practice focuses on teaching English […]

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A graphic of a man sitting at a computer and a woman on her cell phone standing behind him. Social media icons hover around the screens.

Into the Metaverse: How to Find ESL Students Using Facebook

Adaptation is the key to success in any industry, and teaching is no different! Online English teachers and teacherpreneurs, in particular, have to constantly review their skill sets to make sure they’re optimizing their time and effort. A major component of long-term teaching is finding new students to add to course rosters. Social media is […]

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Expert Series Moderator in front of a blue background with the Expert Series logo in the top right corner.

Get to Know Bridge Expert Series Webinar Moderator Shélynn Riel

The Bridge ELT Expert Series of live monthly webinars brings together ELT experts to share insights and perspectives on the latest English language learning techniques and technologies. Each month focuses on a new aspect of the industry. Viewers can register for the monthly webinars or view the extensive library of Expert Series videos, earning Certificates […]

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a close up of a laptop and a person's hands typing. Graphics of books, videos, graduation caps, and trophies hover over the laptop

8 Top Learning Management Systems (LMS) and eLearning Platforms for English Teachers

Welcome to the age of digital learning! With the rise in online English teaching and in teachers pursuing careers as independent tutors, or teacherpreneurs, there are an array of eLearning and LMS platforms for English teachers to choose from all over the web. Some cater to specific student age ranges while others focus on suites […]

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scaling and expanding your esl business

Onward and Upward! How to Scale and Expand Your ESL Business

Being an independent ESL teacher or TEFL tutor is a career with an incredible amount of opportunities. But what do you do when you’ve found your niche and your business growth begins to slow? You’ve already been successfully running your own private ESL teaching business, and now it’s time to grow it. Here’s a five-step […]

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feedback for ESL students

You’re Doing Great! Mastering the Art of Feedback for ESL Students

Giving feedback to ESL students is more than saying “good job” or putting a gold star on a quiz. Relevant feedback can take so many forms, ranging from written to verbal to visual. Each of these forms will serve a different purpose, guiding and correcting your students’ learning approaches. Kind words and fresh insights will […]

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teaching PTE test prep

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching PTE Test Prep

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE, is a revolutionary English proficiency test legally recognized by more than 70 nations worldwide. If you’re an English teacher looking to specialize in test prep or are looking for a way to bulk up your resume, this guide to teaching PTE test prep will get you started. This […]

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teaching suprasegmentals in the esl classroom

Teaching Suprasegmentals in the ESL Classroom: Stress, Rhythm, and Intonation

Suprasegmentals refer to speech features such as tone, rhythm, or loudness – basically anything that isn’t a standalone sound. They signal grammatical differences, emotions, and continuity that a native speaker will automatically pick up on. It is incredibly important for ESL students to grasp suprasegmental features both in theory and in practice. Below, we’ll demonstrate […]

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IELTS teaching materials

Set Your Students Up for Success: IELTS Teaching Materials, Resources, & Lesson Plans

Standardized testing such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) can be intimidating for any student. However, by creating a dynamic learning environment and leveraging effective and fun IELTS teaching resources, you can help your students overcome their learning barriers and ace the IELTS exam. Whether you’re teaching IELTS exam prep in person or […]

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