Rachel teaching online in Mexico

Bridge Grad, Rachel, Describes Teaching Online with VIPKID

Bridge graduate, Rachel Story, has been teaching English online with the VIPKid for several years, allowing her to work from anywhere in the world. She describes what her online tutoring job is like, including the requirements, pay, pros and cons, and more.

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Kindergarten Students of English Teacher in Wanli, China, Erin Coyle

ESL Games & Activities for Kids

Learning English as a second language probably won’t make young learners’ and teens’ list of top three favorite activities, but incorporating games into your lessons is a great way to help young students review what they’ve learned in an interactive, fun, and memorable way.

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The World at Your Fingertips: Resources for EFL Teachers

Most EFL teachers know about many good quality websites available on the internet. For example, the granddaddy of them of all, Dave’s ESL Café is still a well-maintained and updated clearinghouse for many types of information for EFL teachers. However, you may not have heard as much about the great resources available from universities. These sites can […]

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Technology in TESOL: The Wiki

It’s widely accepted that student collaboration is an effective tool in the TESOL classroom. Outside of the class, more and more collaboration is done online through the use of wikis. Why not bring wikis into the classroom to create an authentic collaborative environment for your EFL students? Why a wiki: Students collaborate more. Students think […]

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Testing in TESOL Part 5: Positive Washback

Have you ever gone into a test feeling like you knew nothing, only to leave feeling like you knew it all? It’s common for learners to benefit from tests. This effect is called positive washback, and it has a few possible implications. Tests help us to learn because they are typically challenging and often stressful […]

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The Downside to Teaching EFL Using the Translation Method

There are two schools of thought about teaching EFL using translation. The direct translation/grammar translation method was used extensively for reading and interpreting texts, usually in the field of academia. In fact my husband used this method when he wrote his thesis on Hegel (way back in 1975!!!). He did not have to be conversant in German to interpret […]

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Whiteboards That Aren’t so White: Organization in the ESL Classroom

Even though teachers can’t scratch their nails on a chalk board anymore to get their students’ attention, there are many other ways to keep your students attentive in the classroom with good board work. I always go into an ESL classroom with at least three colors of marker, but preferably four. I’m a grammar nerd, so […]

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