Camille Turner

Camille is a content marketing editor and writer, specializing in the language industry. Her love for language and experiencing other cultures has taken her around the globe, and she has taught English abroad both in the classroom and online. When not working or traveling, she can be found spending time with her family or — when not chasing after her toddler — cozying up with a good book!

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Using pop culture in ESL

8 Ways to Use Pop Culture in the ESL Classroom

Catchy music, trendy art, the latest technology – there’s a lot to love about pop culture! Find out how you can use pop culture in the ESL classroom to inspire your students and improve their English skills.

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Teaching Adults English

How to Get a Job Teaching Adults English Online or Abroad

Looking to trade in your puppets and stickers for mock interview scripts and email templates? Find out how you can get a job teaching adults English online or in person.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Get a TEFL/TESOL Job 

Check out the many ways you can use this social platform to get a teaching job – from joining professional groups and following organizations to adding digital badges to your profile.

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ESL Speaking Activities

Give Your Students the Gift of Gab: 11 Fun TEFL Speaking Activities

Are your students scared, unmotivated, or bored when it comes to speaking in class? Use these 11 fun, engaging TEFL speaking activities to get students talking and practicing their English in the online or physical classroom!

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Krzl, teaching English online from Chile

The Essentials of Teaching Business English Online and In Person

What is teaching Business English all about and what activities should you use in this TEFL/TESOL subfield? Learn where these adult ESL students are, what it takes to get a job teaching Business English online or in the classroom, and how to effectively work with this demographic.

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digital nomads during covid-19

Things I Wish I’d Known: TEFL Digital Nomads During COVID-19

Thinking of becoming a TEFL digital nomad during COVID-19 or later on? Hear from a couple of digital nomads with firsthand experience teaching English online, traveling the globe, and coping with the pandemic.

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No Puppets Required! Teach English Online to Adults With These Companies

Are you eager to get into the growing field of teaching English online but just can’t picture yourself tutoring young kids? Don’t worry – you’ve still got options! Check out these companies where you can teach English to adults online.

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A young English teacher teaches English online from home after school.

How to Teach English Online From Home (or Anywhere)

Working from home, making your own schedule, meeting different people around the world – there are so many things to love about teaching English online! Get answers to the most common questions about this growing TEFL field.

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A teacher teaching abroad in China.

Newly Certified? How to Get TEFL/TESOL Experience

Some teaching jobs require—or at least prefer—previous teaching experience, leaving you wondering how to get TEFL/TESOL experience before getting a job. Luckily, there are many ways to do just that, including completing a practicum, volunteering, and more!

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Online English Teacher

Can I Teach English Online With No Degree? 

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! We’ll share some online English tutoring companies that hire teachers without bachelor’s degrees, give you tips for standing out when applying to jobs, and even offer alternative avenues for teaching online.

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