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Get Rich in Argentina: A Guide to Becoming Bill Gates by Teaching English

Post written by Lauren Davis After living in Argentina for a year and working as an English teacher, I have a lot of experience with the dos and don’ts of this European-inspired city.  Just one example, do not assume that you can get a full-time English teaching job at one place.  More than likely, you […]

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5 TEFL Myths Debunked

The TEFL world is large and complicated one. Many teachers who are new to the field get mixed answers from all the blogs, forums and sites out there. So we just want to set the record straight on common TEFL myths for all you curious future teachers! Myth: Employers won’t look well on teach abroad […]

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Strapped for Cash? TEFL In Thailand!

This post was written by Scott Beckman. Though a major TEFL hotspot, Thailand doesn’t seem to have the reputation for that countries like South Korea and Saudi Arabia have for being great destinations to earn a living as a TEFL teacher. Salaries in Thailand, when considered in terms of US dollars, don’t come close to […]

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No Money to Travel? Teach English in South Korea!

This post was written by Matthew Clark Over the years we’ve featured South Korea as a hot English teaching destination in The TEFL Insider several times.  While some TEFL markets have experienced ups and downs over that time, South Korea remains a land of opportunity for English teachers, particularly those with a limited travel budget.  […]

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How To Get A TEFL Job – Part 1 – Decide Where You Want To Go!

We get a lot of questions from people interested in teaching English abroad. While these questions can be about a range of topics, such as the intensive nature of the CELTA or TEFL programs, the schedule of our online TEFL certification courses, our accreditation, and more, they all boil down to just one thing: people […]

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