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Coleen Monroe is a Colorado native who has left a trail of new homes for herself around the world. She's set foot in 30 countries and lived on four continents in the last eleven years. Her nomad homes have been in Chilean Patagonia, France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, England, and Iceland. Her latest travel adventures took her to Yunnan, Beijing, Jiangxi, and Southern China, where she's currently teaching.

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how to teach English grammar

How to Teach English Grammar – Even if You’re Terrible at It!

Worried about how to teach English grammar in the ESL classroom? You don’t need perfect grammar to teach English grammar — you just need these tips and strategies to be prepared and confident!

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TEFL resume

Do I Need a “TEFL Resume”? FAQs and Tips (Plus a Sample Resume!)

When completing your TEFL certification or applying for teaching jobs, you may have run across references to a “TEFL resume.” Is this different from a standard resume? And do you need one? Get the answers to these and other questions!

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Teach Abroad Timeline: Planning in the Age of Coronavirus

Wanting to teach abroad but plans are stalled due to coronavirus? Find out what you can do in the meantime to prepare for the transition and strengthen your resume for employers.

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volunteer to teach English

Why You Should Volunteer to Teach English and How to Find Opportunities

You’ve probably seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” When you want to give back to society, teaching is one of the best ways to do so. This is certainly true when it comes to teaching English since you’re often providing skills that help people succeed academically or […]

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teach abroad myths

10 Common Teach Abroad Myths Debunked

Is teaching English abroad really only a young person’s game? Will you exclusively teach young learners? What about teaching as a non-native speaker? Let’s bust these common teach abroad myths one by one!

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ESL students

The Pros and Cons of School-Provided, “Centralized” Lesson Plans for ESL

Using pre-established, centralized lesson plans in schools and online ESL companies is a growing trend. Find out the pros and cons of centralized lesson plans, and get tips for using them effectively in your classroom.

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ESL philosophy of teaching statement

ESL Philosophy of Teaching Statement: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

An ESL philosophy of teaching statement can help you be a better teacher and land a top teaching job. Find out why you need a teaching philosophy and how to write one. Plus, look at some example teaching philosophy statements.

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ESL Grammar Lesson Plan

How to Create ESL Grammar Lesson Plans

Don’t be scared by ESL grammar lesson plans! Incorporating these 5 basic things ensures that your grammar lesson will be effective and fun. We’ve also got some additional tips and a sample grammar lesson plan for more guidance.

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How to Teach Parts of Speech: Lesson Tips & Activities for ESL Teachers

Get ideas for how to teach parts of speech in a fun and engaging way that your ESL students will enjoy! Incorporate these games and tips into your lesson plan to make this technical grammar topic memorable for your students.

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Anna, Teaching Kids English in Vietnam

Last-Minute ESL Lesson Plans That Can Be Adapted for Any Class

Whether you have some extra time in class or are filling in for another teacher, these last-minute ESL lesson plans can be adapted to any subject and level. They’re also great for both the physical and virtual classroom.

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