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Coleen Monroe is a Colorado native who has left a trail of new homes for herself around the world. She's set foot in 30 countries and lived on four continents in the last eleven years. Her nomad homes have been in Chilean Patagonia, France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, England, and Iceland. Her latest travel adventures took her to Yunnan, Beijing, Jiangxi, and Southern China, where she's currently teaching.

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High School TEFL Teacher in China

I’m Already a Teacher – Do I Need TEFL/TESOL Certification?

You’re a certified and experienced teacher in your home country and you want to teach English abroad or online. Is TEFL/TESOL certification really required, in addition to your existing credentials? Hear from teachers who were in your shoes and learn about the benefits of TEFL training, even for seasoned pros.

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Team-Based Activities for the ESL Classroom or Online

Cooperation and teamwork can be fostered in the ESL classroom to help students develop their English in a fun and interactive way and increase motivation through competition. We’ve put together some of the best team-based ESL activities you can use with your students in the classrooms and online.

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8 Strategies to Avoid Burnout When Teaching Online

2020 has been a challenging year for many around the world, including in the teaching space, as many of us had to quickly adapt as our classes suddenly (and in some cases, permanently) became remote. Check out these strategies for avoiding burnout when teaching English online.

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teacher showing video to students

Tips for Using Video to Teach English

Getting the most out of videos in the classroom involves a lot more than just hitting “play.” An experienced teacher shares tips for teaching English using video that will enhance your lessons and maximize student learning.

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A Teacher Describes Her Recent Return to the Classroom in China

Coleen currently lives in China, where she was teaching English when the coronavirus pandemic first hit and her in-person classes all moved online. Now that her school has reopened, we asked her to describe her experience returning to the classroom.

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Online English teacher

Maintaining Work-Life Balance While Teaching Online From Home

As many teachers find themselves suddenly teaching English in their living rooms, the struggle to separate work and home life can be a challenge. A teacher in China shares her advice on how to keep the balance – and your sanity – if you’re shifting from the classroom to teaching online from home.

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Troubleshooting When Teaching Online English Classes

Like many English teachers around the globe during the coronavirus crisis, Coleen, in China, had to make make a quick transition to the virtual classroom. She shares some of the common problems she’s experienced during this shift and her advice on how to troubleshoot them.

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ESL teacher with class of students

Teaching English with Guided Discovery for ESL

Using guided discovery for ESL is an approach that gives students the opportunity to question and discover the target language in a lesson. Learn how to use this method to encourage collaboration between students and proactive learning.

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Teach English in China FAQs – An Experienced Teacher Shares the Inside Scoop

Coleen is an EFL teacher who’s been on the road abroad for ten years! She’s lived in South Korea, Chile, Vietnam, and China, where she currently teaches. She shares her firsthand knowledge to answer to commonly asked questions for anyone planning to teach English in China.

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Coleen, English teacher in China, hiking with her husband

Bridge Grad, Coleen, on Teaching in Chile, South Korea, Vietnam, and China

Coleen has been teaching English abroad for almost a decade now, first in Chile and later throughout Asia. We interviewed her to find out what it’s really like to be a career teacher and traveler.

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