Coleen Monroe

Coleen Monroe is a Colorado native who has left a trail of new homes for herself around the world. She's set foot in 30 countries and lived on four continents in the last eleven years. Her nomad homes have been in Chilean Patagonia, France, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea, England, and Iceland. Her latest travel adventures took her to Yunnan, Beijing, Jiangxi, and Southern China, where she's currently teaching.

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Teaching Large ESL Classes in Thailand

Tips for Teaching Large ESL Classes of Kids & Teens

Teaching large ESL classes of kids or teens can seem overwhelming, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for this scenario if you plan to teach abroad since it’s common in many parts of the world. These 7 tips from an experienced teacher will help you make teaching a big class meaningful and even efficient.

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English teacher in Turkey

Get a Job Teaching English Abroad: 10 Things Employers Look For

International TEFL jobs demand qualifications that are a bit outside the box. Check out this list of 10 things TEFL employers want to see in you, the new teacher, so that you can highlight these qualities on your resume and cover letter and come to your interview prepared.

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How to Get a Job Abroad Teaching English to Kids

Teaching English as a foreign language offers a world of opportunity – especially if you’re interested in teaching English to children or teens, since jobs with young students abound. But are you qualified? And how do you go about getting a jobs abroad specifically with kids?

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Teacher with ESL Students

10 No-Prep ESL Activities for the Last 10 Minutes of Class with Kids

Uh oh! It’s 11:30 and you’ve finished teaching your ESL lesson, but your class isn’t scheduled to end until 11:40! Don’t panic! We’ve got 10 quick, rigorous, no-prep, ESL activities you can keep in your back pocket that work especially well with young learners.

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