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Born and raised in Southern California, Mari has been traveling the world and teaching English online for the last four years. She completed her TEFL certification with Bridge while traveling through Italy and currently resides in Scotland, where she teaches English as a second language online to children in China. With a passion for learning, teaching, and writing, she has established herself as a digital nomad who is always looking forward to her next adventure. Connect with her on LinkedIn at

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careers in EFL

Make Your Experience Count: Careers in EFL

Whether your TEFL certification has taken you to classrooms around the world or allowed you to teach from home, chances are, you’ve accumulated valuable skills and experience you can apply toward a variety of long-term careers in EFL.

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Get Started Freelance English Teaching Online

How to Get Started Freelance English Teaching Online

What are the benefits of freelance English teaching online? For starters, you’ll have the freedom to decide who, what, when, and how you teach! We’ll dig deeper into what it means to be an ESL freelancer and how you can get off on the right foot with the teaching qualifications and business skills you’ll need to succeed.

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niche for teaching English online

Finding Your Niche for Teaching English Online

How can you become a more successful teacherpreneur and freelance online English teacher? Find your niche for teaching English online! Let us take you through the basics of what a niche is and how choosing one of your own can lead to more students and higher earning potential.

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teaching english online to groups

Increase Your Job Prospects by Teaching English Online to Groups

Teaching English online to groups is becoming more common as many teachers and students are turning to the virtual classroom. Find out the benefits of teaching English to groups online, and read our top tips for a successful group class!

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no experience teaching english online

I Have No Experience Teaching English Online! Do My Non-Teaching Skills Apply?

With the global health crisis affecting many people’s jobs, teaching online offers new opportunities, even for those without previous teaching experience. In fact, you may already possess the necessary skills to be hired as an online English teacher.

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How to Teach English Online as a Digital Nomad

The coronavirus crisis has redefined the TEFL landscape as we know it. What does that mean for the future of teaching English abroad? Consider another way to work and travel the world – as a digital nomad.

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Mari, digital nomad teaching online in Italy

Online Teacher Mari’s 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching English Online

Experienced online English tutor Mari shares common mistakes teachers make in the virtual classroom and offers suggestions for how to avoid them.

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online English teacher

Tackling Operational Challenges as a Freelance Teacher

From creating cancellation policies to setting your rates and choosing a teaching platform, you’ll need to handle many operational challenges as a freelance teacher. Find out what it takes to operate a successful tutoring business and overcome these challenges!

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Online English teacher with her laptop

What Types of Online English Teaching Jobs Are There?

There are many types of online English teaching jobs out there, including working for a company, freelancing for a marketplace, and starting your own ESL tutoring business. Read about each to find out which is right for you!

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Wes Choc EFL teacher

Where to Teach English When You Retire: Breathtaking Places Around the Globe

All locations are not equal when it comes to where to teach English when you retire. Check out these 13 amazing countries from around the globe that welcome retirees with open arms!

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