IDELTOnline Instructor, Katrina Schmidt

Meet Our Newest Bridge IDELTOnline™ Instructor, Katrina Schmidt

A seasoned educator and teacher trainer with a Master’s in TESOL, Katrina has taught at universities in the US, Colombia, Mexico, and China. She shares her professional journey and advice for anyone considering enrolling in the IDELTOnline, Bridge’s graduate-level TEFL/TESOL course.

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IDELTOnline Course With University Affiliation

Is the Bridge IDELTOnline™ Right for Me?

Are you considering enrolling in Bridge’s graduate-level TEFL/TESOL program? We’ll answer common questions and provide instructor insights to help you decide if our most advanced online teacher training program is right for you.

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Creating a self intro video to teach English online

Why and How to Create a Self-Introduction Video for Teaching Online

Do you want to attract students as a freelance online English tutor? Having a professional headshot or a catchy description on your website or marketplace profile is a start, but including a fun and informative introduction video is an even better way to grab students’ attention!

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Online English Teacher, Mari, Working With Young Learners

Finding Your Niche for Teaching English Online

How can you become a more successful teacherpreneur and freelance online English teacher? Find your niche for teaching English online! Let us take you through the basics of what a niche is and how choosing one of your own can lead to more students and higher earning potential.

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Juicy Mae, an online English teacher in class with a sudent

Filipina College Instructor, Juicy Mae, Now Thriving as an Online Teacher

Juicy Mae’s side job teaching English online has now become her main one due to the coronavirus crisis. She tells us about the Filipino company she teaches with, including what her job is like, what she loves about teaching online, and her advice for newbies.

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GoGoKid Online English Tutor

Bridge Preferred Partner Profile: GoGoKid, Online English Tutoring

One of the leading education companies in the fast-growing online English teaching space, GoGoKid connects young Chinese students with qualified English instructors from around the globe. Learn more about working with this Bridge Preferred Employment Partner.

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Allie Online English teacher in Nicaragua

Scuba Instructor, Allie, Shifting to Teaching English Online

A dive instructor living abroad, Allie got certified to teach English online to weather the downturn in her industry. Since completing her course, she was hired by online language teaching company, Palfish, and is now teaching English remotely from an island in Nicaragua.

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How to Get Started Freelance English Teaching Online

What are the benefits of freelance English teaching online? For starters, you’ll have the freedom to decide who, what, when, and how you teach! We’ll dig deeper into what it means to be an ESL freelancer and how you can get off on the right foot with the teaching qualifications and business skills you’ll need to succeed.

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Bryn Bonino, Teacherpreneur

3 Insider Tips for Success as an Online Teacherpreneur

Do you want to run a successful online ESL teaching business? Branding strategist and experienced English teacher, Bryn Bonino, shares a few of the best tips she’s learned as an online English teacherpreneur and suggestions to put them into action.

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Evgenii, Russian English Teacher and Business Owner in Kuwait

Evgenii, From Russia, on Teaching in Kuwait and Starting His Own TEFL Business

As a career English teacher and TEFL business owner, Evgenii is dedicated to his professional development and gaining more “recognition and appreciation” as a non-native speaker, which is what motivated him to take the Bridge IDELTOnline.

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