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William, English teacher in China, with students

Do You CCQ? Using Concept Checking Questions in the ESL Classroom

Asking students, “Do you understand? ” can be ineffective when checking understanding of a new concept in the ESL classroom. A better option? Try concept checking questions (CCQs) to really gauge your students’ comprehension.

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TEFL Activity: Use Emojis to Teach English

Using emojis to teach English is a great way to bring technology and a bit of fun into your EFL classroom! Students will enjoy using the familiar pictures as a way to practice their knowledge!

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Teaching English in a Multilingual Classroom

Teaching English in a Multilingual Classroom

Have you ever wondered what kind of students you’ll be working with once you’re TEFL certified and teaching English, either at home or abroad? While you may teach adults or children, and you’ll probably work with a range of levels, another consideration is whether you’ll teach English in a monolingual or a multilingual classroom. Get more tips […]

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5 Challenging TEFL Students in Any Classroom and How to Manage Them

Regardless of where your TEFL career lands you, having good classroom management skills will benefit you as a teacher. One aspect of this is recognizing, understanding, and dealing with challenging students that you’ll be faced with in class. This guide introduces you to some of them and gives you strategies to keep your classroom running smoothly.

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Teacher and students in an EFL classroom

TEFL Tip: 3 Last Minute EFL Lesson Plans for Any Class

Attention EFL teachers: Have you ever finished teaching a carefully planned out lesson only to glance at the clock and see 15 (terrifying) minutes remaining, with nothing for your students to do? Or have you ever been asked to sub a class at the last minute without being provided with a lesson plan? Or have […]

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building rapport in the esl classroom

5 Ways to Build Rapport in the ESL Classroom

As an ESL teacher, it is essential to connect with your students. Here are some simple, fail-proof ways to build rapport in the ESL classroom.

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Teaching Writing in the EFL Classroom: Freestyle or Copying?

This post is a guest blog written by Scott Zimmermann, D.A. When we consider writing in the EFL classroom, we typically think of the instructor assigning a topic and specifying the length of the paragraph or essay. This kind of activity is not usually welcomed by students who realize that writing is the most difficult […]

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Diversity in the EFL classroom

Advice for Aspiring English Teachers: Embrace Diversity in the EFL Classroom

So, you’re thinking about teaching English but have never been exposed to the world of ESL and EFL? Many new teachers embarking on a short summer stint or a dedicated career in this area haven’t had the chance to get any experience. It can be worrisome or even frustrating not knowing what to expect or […]

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How to Teach Classes With Mixed Ability

One common complication in teaching is finding that students of many different skill levels are placed together in our classroom. At times, the moment we pass out a reading comprehension exercise, Sergio is already finished while Juan has no idea how to begin. What can we do? Should we bore Sergio by adopting the “convoy” […]

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Teaching English for exams

What Every EFL Teacher Should Know: Teaching English for Exams, Part 2

This post was written by Matthew Clark As mentioned in our December newsletter, we are finishing up our two part series on teaching English for exams. We decided to consult Kimberly Stone, a current teacher in our Academic English Program in Denver.  Kim has a B.A. in English Writing from the University of Colorado at Denver […]

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