Kindergarten Students of English Teacher in Wanli, China, Erin Coyle

ESL Games and Activities for Kids & Teens

Learning English as a second language probably won’t make young learners’ and teens’ list of top three favorite activities, but incorporating games into your lessons is a great way to help young students review what they’ve learned in an interactive, fun, and memorable way.

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Meet BridgeEnglish Teacher, Tereza Lewis

Originally from Prague, Tereza has been teaching at the BridgeEnglish language school (a division of Bridge Education Group) in downtown Denver for several years. Learn more about her background and experiences in the classroom below.

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Using Music In Your TEFL Classroom

Are you looking for new, fun activities for your TEFL classroom? Then consider using music and rhymes to teach vocabulary and content. Much of the difficulties of learning a foreign language can be overcome through sharing the “universal language” of music! Using Rhythm to Bridge the Gap There is something about rhythm that seems to […]

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No Time To Plan: A Quick English Speaking Activity for the Busy TEFL Teacher

Lesson planning was never my forte as an English teacher.  I knew that it was critical to my success as a teacher and that I hated feeling unprepared, but I still fought the process.  I know that many teachers do, especially new teachers that haven’t developed a full bag of tricks for the classroom.  For […]

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How to Teach Classes With Mixed Ability

One common complication in teaching is finding that students of many different skill levels are placed together in our classroom. At times, the moment we pass out a reading comprehension exercise, Sergio is already finished while Juan has no idea how to begin. What can we do? Should we bore Sergio by adopting the “convoy” […]

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The World at Your Fingertips: Resources for EFL Teachers

Most EFL teachers know about many good quality websites available on the internet. For example, the granddaddy of them of all, Dave’s ESL Café is still a well-maintained and updated clearinghouse for many types of information for EFL teachers. However, you may not have heard as much about the great resources available from universities. These sites can […]

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Kicking Butt: Classroom Management Strategies From A BridgeEnglish Teacher

Classroom management is one of the most critical components of teaching and an area that both new and experienced teachers are continually faced with. Luckily, there are many classroom management strategies EFL teachers can use to maintain control of their classes.

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Culture Clash in the ESL Classroom — Hard to Say and Sometimes Harder to Handle

We all suffer culture clash to some degree in a foreign classroom. As with any language, English is tied to its own culture and customs, so an education in words and grammar cannot exclude an equally important lesson in culture. I remember my first week as an English teacher in Costa Rica. As part of […]

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ESL Icebreaker Speaking Activity

Understanding Fluency: TEFL Speaking Activities Part II

Here’s an activity that doesn’t involve as much repetition as those described in my previous blog about speaking activities in the TEFL classroom, but utilizes a lot more student interaction instead.Start by giving each student a card with a different number on it. If you’ve got ten students, number the cards one through ten. On each […]

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Technology in TESOL: The Wiki

It’s widely accepted that student collaboration is an effective tool in the TESOL classroom. Outside of the class, more and more collaboration is done online through the use of wikis. Why not bring wikis into the classroom to create an authentic collaborative environment for your EFL students? Why a wiki: Students collaborate more. Students think […]

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