LinkedIn links you and TEFL together!

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Looking for jobs in the TEFL realm, but don’t even know where to begin? LinkedIn can be a great resource for those who are looking for work, need to ask questions about applying to jobs in certain countries, and anyone needing more information before they commit to teaching abroad.

Here are a few groups on LinkedIn that will guide you and list jobs that are available! Some of these groups have been around a while and have a lot of followers some are new and just beginning to grow.

TEFL Jobs Worldwide — This group has a large following and could be a resource that will get your question a lot of attention. They post varying discussions of blog postings that involve salaries, scams to avoid, and respond to questions you have about teaching.

Peace Corps — Peace Corps is well known for the work it does, but did you know that they offer teaching jobs abroad? Right now they have several jobs listed, waiting for applicants!

ESL International — This growing group has a great job tab that lists several openings that you can easily navigate through and isn’t too overwhelming! They also have a wonderful discussion group going for new announcements and current events.

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This post was written by Susan McVey. 

May 17, 2013