Tis the Season: Peak TEFL Hiring Seasons Around the World

By Bridge
November 20, 2012

While demand for qualified teachers is high all around the world, finding a job in many countries is significantly easier at peak times of the year. Setting yourself up to be looking for work during these hiring months can make the difference between receiving many job offers or just a handful. Here are a few of the peak TEFL hiring seasons at some of the most popular teach abroad destinations around the world.

Latin America

– Though some countries in South or Central America tend to have high demand for teachers year-round, (like Costa Rica, or Peru), others often hire the majority of the teachers they’ll need at the beginning of the academic year. In most of South America, this is in March. Demand for teachers usually remains high until August, then declines. Not many schools are looking to hire teachers in the summer months of December and January.


– South Korea and China tend to be hiring teachers year-round, but the following countries have specific hiring seasons.

  • Japan – Employers in Japan most often need teachers to start in April or September and do most of their recruiting between April and June, and October and January. The popular Jet program has a lengthy application process, so it’s often necessary to apply as much as 6 months in advance.
  • Thailand – Contracts in Thailand are commonly set to begin in October and May. Employers recruit teachers the few months before.

Eastern Europe

– Hungary and Turkey both offer employment opportunities year-round but other countries, like Czech RepublicPolandUkraineand Russia, all want teachers to start in September and January, and do most of their recruiting in August and December.

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