Teaching English in Mexico

A diverse country of exquisite beauty and fascinating history, Mexico offers up desert landscapes, serene beaches, ancient ruins, colonial cities, and endless opportunities for exploration and recreation.

Overview of English Teaching Jobs in Mexico

Typical English Students
  • K-12
  • University
  • Adults
Best Time to Get Hired August and December
Typical Start Dates September, January and May
Average Contract Length 5- to 12-month contracts
Typical Teaching Schedules Part-time schedules available
Average Salary $400 – $1000 USD per month with free housing often provided (in rural areas)
Average Cost of Living $300 – $600 USD per month depending on lifestyle
Typical Teaching Requirements
  • TEFL certification (see recommended courses below)
  • Native speaker of English
Typical Benefits for Teachers
  • Free housing (in rural areas)
  • Visa assistance
  • Free Spanish lessons
  • In-country orientation
  • Travel stipend for off-site classes
  • Reimbursement of Emergency Travel Insurance
  • Reimbursement of airport pick up

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Demand for English Teachers

Language students in Mexico run the gamut from young children learning English in school to adults studying for professional or personal reasons. Most Mexican residents learn basic English in school, but don’t have the opportunity to practice the language in conversation—especially with native speakers. Many Mexican citizens earn higher wages if they speak English, so there is a high demand for teachers throughout the country.

Typical English Students / Popular Teaching Destinations

Most teaching jobs in Mexico are found in the booming capital of Mexico City, or in the nearby city of Guadalajara, where businesses, universities and public schools create a growing need for certified TEFL teachers. Positions are also readily available in the coastal cities of Veracruz and Merida, and some can be found in rural areas throughout the country. With the low cost of living in Mexico, a TEFL teacher’s salary allows you to live a modest but pleasant lifestyle. It is also possible to supplement your income by teaching private EFL students, a lucrative option that can allow you to save while living abroad.


Mexico Overview

Mexico is a vast nation with an immensely varied landscape. High plateaus, snow-capped volcanoes, impressive mountain ranges, expansive deserts, and fertile jungles are hemmed in by over 8,000 miles of spectacular coastline. These unrivaled landscapes—and beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico—continually attract nature lovers and sports enthusiasts from around the globe.

With over 95 million people claiming Mexico as home, the country’s diversity of geography is matched only by its diversity of people. The contemporary population is a blend of indigenous and Spanish cultures that mixed in the 16th century, giving rise to a new people and a new nation. Today, there are still more than 50 distinct native cultures in Mexico—each with unique music, cuisine, and customs that offer visitors an authentic glimpse into ancient indigenous life within a modernizing country.

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