Discovering free TEFL lesson plans.

When I first started teaching English to kindergarteners in Central America, I didn’t have a textbook to use with my students, so I spent a lot of time online searching for lesson plans I could use with my class of eager and energetic young learners. Since I was a new TEFL teacher, it was hard figuring out where to find appropriate, engaging and, most importantly, free TEFL lesson plans I could easily download.

To help other teachers in situations like mine, or those who just want to spice up a predictable textbook curriculum, here are my 5 favorite websites for free TEFL lesson plans. 

Using English

This site has a lot of free teacher resources, including printable ESL handouts/worksheets, PDF lesson plans and also access to interactive online quizzes you can use with your students. Another cool feature is that if you register (for free), you can browse helpful discussion forums about teaching methodology, grammar, and other relevant topics. One of my favorites is the “Ask a Teacher” forum where you can get expert advice from actual EFL instructors.

This is a general site, with information about TEFL ranging from jobs postings and training courses to EFL lesson plans. While it may not be the prettiest site, it definitely makes up for in usefulness. It has free, downloadable worksheets organized by level, topic, and skill, as well as ideas for games and activities that can be adapted to different levels. There’s even a “worksheet generator” for those times you need to whip up a matching exercise or a scrambled word activity for your class, with specific vocabulary from a lesson.

ESL Galaxy

In addition to printable activities, board games, lesson plans and other useful resources for kids and adults, this site has interactive online activities you can use with your students in class. For example, if your students have access to computers, you can have them work individually or in pairs to complete fun grammar and vocabulary quizzes or play games. There are also cute cartoon videos about English that are perfect for young learners.

British Council

This esteemed organization has some impressive teaching resources. The materials are organized by age range (kids, teens, and adults), and those categories can be further filtered by level. Each lesson plan has a detailed description, including estimated time and materials needed, with all the necessary worksheets easily downloadable. A unique feature of this site is called “Teaching Tools,” which can be found under each age group. This section provides printable posters for the classroom, an online, interactive phonemic chart, and other resources teachers can use.


Despite the odd, interchangeable names for this website, it’s got a lot of helpful resources, especially for teaching kids. Try not to get overwhelmed when you first look at the busy home page; focus instead on the heading at the top to navigate the pages. Lesson plans are divided into categories (adults, children, business English, etc.), but unfortunately, the plans are not organized by level or skill. However, the site has other useful resources, such as tons of flashcards you can print out as well as crosswords, alphabet activities, word searches, and lyrics to kids’ songs.

I hope these websites will help you discover some great, free TEFL lesson plans, and help you and your students stay engaged and inspired in English class!

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