Three Ways to Be an Independent Online English Teacher

This infographic provides an overview of the three ways to be an independent online English teacher, including freelancing for an online language company, tutoring for a marketplace, and becoming a fully independent teacherpreneur, as well as the steps needed to pursue your chosen path. Explore one path or combine them to meet your unique goals!

infographic cover of three ways to be an independent online english teacher


Learn about careers as a freelancer, marketplace tutor, and fully independent teacherpreneur, with descriptions of each career path. Then, explore the steps needed to pursue each career path, as well as tips to complete the tasks and stand out as an independent online English teacher. You’ll learn strategies to:

  • Identify the best TEFL and specialized certifications.
  • Prepare a great resume.
  • Identify the marketplace for your niche.
  • Choose a lucrative teaching niche.
  • Create an eye-catching profile.

And so much more!

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