How to Earn College Credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL Courses

January 25, 2021

Completing Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses can open many doors for English language professionals. There are evident rewards, like obtaining an accredited teaching certificate and gaining access to international jobs or starting a career in teaching English online; however, one of the lesser-known benefits is that you can earn college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses. Here’s a look at out how that’s possible.

Which Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses are eligible for college credit?

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has reviewed and selected five Bridge courses for undergraduate or graduate-level university credit. Each of the following can be a stepping stone to further studies in TESOL:

Bridge International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnline™)

If you’ve perused the Bridge site, you’ve probably come across the IDELTOnline. This accredited course is the most advanced certification Bridge offers. It’s 100% online, but rather than working independently, trainees form an interactive cohort that works through the course together over 12 weeks, under the guidance of an instructor. Successful course completion results in a 150-hour certificate.

In addition to its collaborative format and advanced-level training, one of the key advantages of the IDELTOnline is that you can earn up to 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and nine graduate-level credits that are transferable to more than 1,600 universities. This course can also be taken as a pathway to specific graduate programs at Bridge partner universities (more on that below).

In general, IDELTOnline™ trainees are looking at teaching English as a career rather than a short-term job.

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teachers holding IDELT certificates

Teachers with their IDELT certificates

Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

This is Bridge’s most popular TEFL/TESOL certification. It’s 120 hours of self-study, tutor-guided modules that take place 100% online. Trainees learn about language theory, ESL/EFL methodology, lesson planning, classroom management, English grammar, teaching special groups, and more.

The Master Certificate has been evaluated and recommended by ACE CREDIT® for six semester hours of undergraduate college credit and trainees receive 12 CEUs.

Prospective students often wonder about the IDELTOnline vs. Master Certificate when it comes to making choosing the right TEFL/TESOL course. Check out this infographic to see the courses compared side-by-side and decide which one is right for you:

Specialized Certification in Teaching English Online

The first two courses in this four-course suite have been recommended for three credits each by ACE CREDIT®, and together bestow 12 CEUs.

Foundations in Teaching English Online (60 hours) and Advanced Methods in Teaching English Online (60 hours) are designed to prepare you with the tools, technology, and teaching methods to enter the virtual classroom with confidence. Experienced teachers can bundle the two courses to earn a 120-hour Specialized TEFL/TESOL Certificate, while new teachers often opt to combine them with the 120-hour Master Certificate to learn the essentials of teaching English first (check out the 240-Hour Master Certificate and Teaching English Online Bundle).

Though not recommended for credit at this time, you can also add an optional Practicum in Teaching English Online to gain verifiable experience as an online teacher and create a portfolio, or specialize in Teaching English online as a Freelancer.

Hawra Saleh, Bridge grad, with her TEFL/TESOL certificate

Hawra Saleh, Bridge grad, with her TEFL/TESOL certificate

Guided Teaching Practicum

This 20-hour blended online and hands-on training can be completed from anywhere in the world, working at your own pace during the three-month course timeframe.

In this course, you’ll complete 10 hours of tutor-guided online preparation, five hours of EFL teacher observation, and five hours of hands-on teaching practice in a real EFL classroom. This course has been recommended for one semester hour of lower-division undergraduate college credit and graduates earn two CEUs.

How can I get college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses?

There are two ways you can earn college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses: as a pathway to a specific program or via flexible, transferrable university credits.

Take the International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnline) as a pathway to a master’s degree

The IDELTOnline is a graduate-level TEFL/TESOL course that has the option of leading toward graduate programs in TESOL. Currently, Bridge partners with certain universities in the U.S. and abroad as part of its Bridge MA TESOL Pathways Program. Our partner universities accept the IDELTOnline as credit toward their graduate certificate, master’s degree, or doctorate programs, or, in some cases, a scholarship.

For example, if you were accepted as a student at the Bridge partner university, American College of Education, you could get credit for six units toward a Master of Education in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education or a Doctor of Education in Leadership Specializing in Second Language Instruction, among other programs.

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Get an ACE transcript for the IDELTOnline or other Bridge courses

In addition to serving as a pathway to a Master’s in TESOL, the IDELTOnline, like the other Bridge courses detailed above, is also eligible for an ACE CREDIT® transcript. This service makes Bridge students’ lives easier as it offers a lifelong record of the successful completion of the TEFL/TESOL certification courses that have been reviewed by ACE CREDIT®.

Bridge participants can present this nationally-recognized transcript to one of the over 1,600 universities in the U.S. that recognized ACE CREDIT® recommendations for potential academic credit. Credits do not have to be applied toward university study immediately and can be deferred until the teacher is ready to pursue additional study. (It’s worth noting that ACE doesn’t issue the credits, the university does.)

Earning college credit for Bridge TEFL/TESOL courses can advance your career prospects in the EFL industry. And if you’re looking to pursue a career in TESOL, then enrolling in the IDELTOnline is a great option!

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