TEFL/TESOL Infographics

Download free TEFL/TESOL infographics created by our experts to use now or save for later.

5 Ways Hip-Hop Makes EFL Students Better Learners

Add some music to your EFL classroom! We’ve partnered with Lo-Fi Language Learning to show you how using the rhymes and melodies of rap and hip-hop can be an effective English teaching method.


The Golden Rules of CCQs

Concept checking questions (or CCQs) are targeted questions asked after a lesson to measure students’ understanding and are more effective than simply asking, “do you understand?” Learn how to use these questions and get some example of CCQs in action.


EFL Cover Letter Sample

Learn how to craft a cover letter that will help you stand out as a job applicant by downloading our free sample! See how you can use previous work experience and your professional certification to showcase your skills and qualifications.


Goal Setting for Kids

Whether teaching young learners in a classroom or online, setting goals is a crucial part of the learning process. Are you doing it correctly? This free infographic from our specialized course in teaching English online will help you and your young students develop realistic goals you can strive for together. Download it today!


What Are Digital Badges for TEFL/TESOL and Why Do I Need Them?

Digital badges are 21st-century credentials that allow employers to see the full scope of your achievements in your Bridge TEFL/TESOL course. Learn how to use your digital badge to its fullest potential in our free guide.


How to Get a TEFL Job Teaching English Online

Launch your job search with our step-by-step guide on how to find an online teaching job. From making sure you have the right qualifications to vetting employers, we break down the job search process so you can find a legitimate teaching position in the virtual classroom.


Is the 150-hour IDELTOnline Course Right For Me?

The 150-hour IDELTOnline is our most advanced TEFL/TESOL course. Is it the right fit for you? We detail some of its unique features as well as factors you should take into consideration before enrolling in this graduate-level course. Download to learn the IDELTOnline is right for you and your career goals.


Sample Online English Teacher Resume

Download an example of a professionally written online English teacher resume. Use this format for inspiration, and be sure to include all of your qualifications and your Bridge digital badge(s) on your own resume! This handy resource can be used as a guide when you’re building your own resume to stand out to employers.


Which Course is Right for Me?

Get a quick overview of our two most popular online TEFL/TESOL courses: the 150-hour IDELTOnline and the 120-hour Master course to learn which Bridge course is right for you. Download now to learn more about the differences between our top international TEFL/TESOL certification courses.


Fluency vs. Accuracy

Do you understand the difference between accuracy and fluency in the EFL classroom? This helpful resource breaks down the differences in focus and error correction between the two often misunderstood skills. Learn more by downloading this free infographic, which is just one of many in our suite of specialized courses in teaching English online.


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