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Jonathan: Bridge Graduate in Cozumel, Mexico

Jonathan is a Bridge graduate whose path to teaching started with the Cambridge CELTA course in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We interviewed him to learn about where his TEFL certification took him, including teaching on the island paradise of Cozumel.

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Wes, ESL teacher in South America

Notes From The Field: TEFL Through The Eyes of a “Late Bloomer”

While the stereotypical TEFL teacher may be fresh out of college, there are actually many people that come to TEFL later in life. For example, after retiring from his full-time career, Wes Choc completed his TEFL certification online through Bridge. He then taught English abroad in Ecuador, and even went on to write a book, called […]

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Returning Home After Teaching Abroad: Caitlin’s Experience

There are many hard things about returning from living abroad. Think about it…you’ve been experiencing a new culture and language, and your way of life and worldview are now completely different. Coming home is scary, not to mention what you will do job-wise. There are a lot of options and depending on your qualifications, you can do pretty much anything

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Staff Spotlight: International Admissions Intern, Anna, Talks Homestays in Ecuador

When living in another country, a homestay can be a great way to experience the local culture. Hear firsthand what it’s like to live in a homestay abroad from Anna, a Bridge employee.

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Spotlight on South America

  Winter weather makes the holidays cozy, but by January and February, the thrill you felt at that first snow is usually long gone. So if you’re wading through snow this winter, consider flipping the season switch and heading south this winter— to South America, that is! It’s summer right now in most of South […]

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Redefining Retirement: Wes Choc Teaches English in Ecuador

  Wes Choc, a published author, is also a BridgeTEFL graduate who bucked tradition by teaching English abroad after retirement from a career in business. In this post, excerpted in part from Wes’ blog, weschoc.com, about his various adventures abroad, he describes his experience as a teacher of adult students in Quito, Ecuador. After studying how […]

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Get Rich in Argentina: A Guide to Becoming Bill Gates by Teaching English

Post written by Lauren Davis After living in Argentina for a year and working as an English teacher, I have a lot of experience with the dos and don’ts of this European-inspired city.  Just one example, do not assume that you can get a full-time English teaching job at one place.  More than likely, you […]

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English Teacher Selina in Colombia: Helping to Build a Bilingual Nation

  I’m Selina and a native of the United States. I am currently teaching English in the Southwestern region of Colombia, my city is Popayan. This region belongs to the Cauca Department and it’s truly a natural beauty.  This is an exciting position for me as well as a brand new experience, teaching here in […]

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Hate Being Hot? Teach In South America This Summer!

Some of you can’t wait for the summer months to arrive: the heat of the afternoon sun, cold beer and baseball games, and melty ice cream cones. And then there are those of you who brace against the first waves of heat. You get grumpy when you sweat and prefer to blast the AC, creating […]

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Teaching English in Argentina: The Inside Scoop with Lauren Davis

Lauren could be described as a typical EFL teacher in many ways, yet the route she took led her to places she might not have anticipated!  After she graduated college, she left Boulder, Colorado, to teach English abroad.  After completing a year-long teaching contract in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to New Orleans for a […]

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