Teaching English in Argentina: What to Expect

By Jennifer Collis
January 17, 2013

Country Overview

Thinking of teaching in Argentina? This European-influenced South America country continually draws foreign teachers to cities like capital Buenos Aires, where tango dancing, open-air plazas, and café culture provide a cosmopolitan vibe. Outside the capital, Argentina also offers such diverse pursuits as Andes Mountain skiing, scenic tours of wine country and, for the adventurous, Patagonian glacier hiking.

Teaching Requirements

To teach in Argentina, most employers require:

  1. a TEFL certificate of at least 100 hours, either earned online or in the classroom.
  2. a bachelor’s degree in any subject

Job Description

In Argentina, you’ll most likely teach business English to adult professionals. Positions mostly exist in language institutes, and you may travel around Buenos Aires to teach those professionals where they work. TEFL contracts tend to be six months or a year. You may also teach English at the college or university level, especially if you hold an advanced degree.

Getting Jobs

The best way to get a TEFL job in Argentina, like most of South America, is “on the ground,” meaning it is unusual to get hired from abroad. Therefore, you might find that your best option is to take your TEFL course in Buenos Aires, then use the job placement assistance provided to find a local position. Another option is to get TEFL certified before you go, via an online course, then travel to Argentina to find your job. This blog can help you learn more about the process: Hit the Ground Running.

The Perks

While salaries are not high in Argentina, you’ll generally earn enough money as a teacher to support yourself while abroad. That makes TEFL a great way to see the country, learn the language and immerse yourself in the unique culture of beautiful Argentina!