Course Spotlight: Bridge IDELTOnline (International Diploma in English Language Teaching)

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Getting TEFL certified in a traditional classroom setting (called an onsite course) is often the first choice for prospective English teachers. However, the 4-week, 9-5, intensive schedule of onsite courses, such as the Bridge International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELT) can be a barrier for many people. For that reason and others, such as budget or where the nearest class located, online TEFL courses continue to gain popularity and acceptance worldwide.

There are plenty of online TEFL courses to choose from, but for those who are looking for the next best option to taking an onsite TEFL course, the online version of the IDELT provides a great choice.

IDELTOnline at a Glance:

  • Course format: E-learning, part-time, reading, writing, and webinar-based interactive training
  • Hours of certification: 150
  • Platform: Moodle (similar to Blackboard; both commonly used by universities)
  • Duration/Pace: 12 weeks, with assignments due weekly 
  • Textbook: The Practice of English Language Teaching, by Jeremy Harmer
  • Instructor: Master’s level trainer, with teaching experience
  • University credit: Graduate-level course with the option to earn college credit.

What’s different about the IDELTOnline as compared to other online courses?

This is a question that our advisors hear a lot and it’s certainly a valid one! The answer, in a nutshell, is the pace, level of training, and interaction in the course.


Most online TEFL courses tend to be self-study and self-paced. For example, in Bridge’s general 40, 60, 100 and 120-hour online TEFL courses, which are self-paced, all materials are online. You start whenever you like and simply need to finish the work within 3 months. A tutor grades your lesson plans and gives you feedback.  BridgeTEFL self-paced online courses cover the basics to meet requirements for jobs and offer fundamental teacher preparation.


The IDELTOnline, on the other hand, is an interactive, university-level training. You can even earn a graduate-level ACE CREDIT® transcript upon completion or apply credits earned in the course toward a Master’s in TESOL or related program at our Bridge university pathway partners.


All trainees start together on a certain date and work through the course as a class. In the IDELTOnline, you are guided by the master’s level instructor from week to week and you will read from the textbook, read journal articles, complete quizzes, turn in assignments and post comments to online forums with other students. This course takes your study deeper than most TEFL courses, by covering methodology/pedagogy, as well as practical skills such as lesson planning.

How will I communicate with the instructor?

In the IDELTOnline course, communication is between you and your instructor as well as between you and the other students in the course. You won’t use Skype in this course, due to time zone differences, but interaction consists of viewing webinars, receiving feedback on assignments and sharing responses with classmates in the online discussion forums.

I was concerned that an online course would mean limited personal interaction with the instructor and fellow students, but [the instructor] let her personality shine through and that helped others of us do the same. – Terri, course graduate

How hard is the course?

It is as challenging as any university-level course, as long as you stay on task from week to week with assigned reading and writing assignments, you will find the course quite manageable. We estimate a course load of about 8-15. Click here for tips on managing the IDELTOnline while working full-time. 

How does the university credit option work?

First, you must be eligible for graduate credits, meaning you should hold a bachelor’s degree or be at least a junior in university in good standing

If eligible, simply indicate when you register for the IDELTOnline that you would like to take your course for graduate credit. Then our admissions advisor will work with you to be sure you choose the credit option that is right for you.

What kind of assignments will I complete?

In the IDELTOnline, you’ll complete weekly reading from the course textbook and from outside sources (links are available in your course) and watch videos. You’ll take quizzes related to that reading, and will also post responses to topics in the discussion forums, along with other students. You will be required to complete two written assignments, one of which can be a group project in collaboration with other students.

The course gets you to think about teaching English in very practical ways. Through every unit, different aspects of teaching English were explored in a way that led you to reflect on what you would do in an actual classroom.Ruth, course graduate

What if my first language isn’t English?

That’s fine! The fact that the IDELTOnline can be taken from anywhere in the world tends to draw diverse classes of students from around the world. Therefore, many students speak a first language other than English. Because this class is graduate level, however, non-native English speakers are required to have an English level equivalent to C1 – fluency (according to the European framework).

Do you still have questions about the IDELT Online or our other online TEFL courses? Contact us!

November 16, 2016