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TEFL Activity: Use Emojis to Teach English

Using emojis to teach English is a great way to bring technology and a bit of fun into your EFL classroom! Students will enjoy using the familiar pictures as a way to practice their knowledge!

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English teacher in China

Bridge Graduate, Lana, English Teacher in China

Lana is a Third Culture Kid, She was born in Central Mexico to American parents, and lived there until she was about 12 years old, when her family moved to the States. There, she finished up high school and graduated from college. She is now teaching English to children in Lijiang, China.

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5 Challenging TEFL Students in Any Classroom and How to Manage Them

Regardless of where your TEFL career lands you, having good classroom management skills will benefit you as a teacher. One aspect of this is recognizing, understanding, and dealing with challenging students that you’ll be faced with in class. This guide introduces you to some of them and gives you strategies to keep your classroom running smoothly.

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Using Music In Your TEFL Classroom

Are you looking for new, fun activities for your TEFL classroom? Then consider using music and rhymes to teach vocabulary and content. Much of the difficulties of learning a foreign language can be overcome through sharing the “universal language” of music! Using Rhythm to Bridge the Gap There is something about rhythm that seems to […]

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The Best TEFL Games For Adults

So you landed your first TEFL gig for adults. You might be thinking: “What the heck am I going to teach now without my arsenal of fun TEFL games for kids?” Fear not, dear TEFLer! While you might think adults are serious or boring, they enjoy a good game just as much as your average elementary-schooler. Perhaps even […]

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building rapport in the esl classroom

5 Ways to Build Rapport in the ESL Classroom

As an ESL teacher, it is essential to connect with your students. Here are some simple, fail-proof ways to build rapport in the ESL classroom.

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Teaching Writing in the EFL Classroom: Freestyle or Copying?

This post is a guest blog written by Scott Zimmermann, D.A. When we consider writing in the EFL classroom, we typically think of the instructor assigning a topic and specifying the length of the paragraph or essay. This kind of activity is not usually welcomed by students who realize that writing is the most difficult […]

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Use Songs in The EFL Classroom!

When teaching English, a big part of any successful lesson is keeping your students engaged. Using popular songs in the EFL classroom is a fun way to add some energy to a lackluster grammar topic while giving students a lesson in American pop culture at the same time! I usually find it’s best to use […]

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No Time To Plan: A Quick English Speaking Activity for the Busy TEFL Teacher

Lesson planning was never my forte as an English teacher.  I knew that it was critical to my success as a teacher and that I hated feeling unprepared, but I still fought the process.  I know that many teachers do, especially new teachers that haven’t developed a full bag of tricks for the classroom.  For […]

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Diversity in the EFL classroom

Advice for Aspiring English Teachers: Embrace Diversity in the EFL Classroom

So, you’re thinking about teaching English but have never been exposed to the world of ESL and EFL? Many new teachers embarking on a short summer stint or a dedicated career in this area haven’t had the chance to get any experience. It can be worrisome or even frustrating not knowing what to expect or […]

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