Classroom Games/Activities

Incorporate interactive ESL/EFL games and activates into your lesson plans to keep your classes engaged and learning. Hear from Bridge staff and alumni teaching worldwide about their most reliable methods for injecting fun and excitement into the classroom. These TESOL games and activities range from icebreakers that give EFL students conversation practice, to knowledge-based games that test students’ understanding of concepts.

Yes, Drill Sergeant! How To Use EFL Practice Drills

Oral drills are a technique that we teach during the IDELT™ TEFL training course. Since oral drills can be difficult to set up and facilitate, we usually suggest teachers-in-training try to implement them later in the course after they become comfortable with the foundational classroom management techniques. Nevertheless, it is an important skill to develop. What is […]

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Trouble with Tenses: Teaching The Past Tense to EFL Students

As much as some of us try to forget our past, as English teachers we are confronted with it regularly. Teaching the past tense to EFL students can be challenging. Here is a suggestion to keep your lesson plans interesting: think about the last time you were interrogated by the police. Tell your EFL students that a […]

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