Teaching English in Costa Rica

The geographically gorgeous and politically stable country of Costa Rica is situated between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, with a string of towering volcanoes on the central plateau-creating a unique tropical paradise with 11 climate zones.

Overview of English Teaching Jobs in Costa Rica

Typical English Students
  • Adults
  • Business Professionals
Best Time to Get Hired Positions year-round
Typical Start Dates Positions year-round
Average Contract Length 6- to 12-month contracts
Typical Teaching Schedules Part-time schedules common
Average Salary $600 – $900 USD per month
Average Cost of Living $400 – $700 USD per month depending on lifestyle
Typical Teaching Requirements
  • TEFL certification (see recommended courses below)
  • Native speaker of English
  • Bachelor’s degree (sometimes required)
Typical Benefits for Teachers
  • Assistance finding housing
  • Free Spanish lessons
  • In-country orientation
  • Travel stipend for off-site classes

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Demand for English Teachers

The nearly perfect picture of political democracy, economic stability, and natural beauty, Costa Rica is a great place to visit and to live. English language proficiency is a valued skill in a country which puts great stock in its tourism industry as does the small but attractive nation of Costa Rica. EFL students here range from school children to university students to adult professionals.

Typical English Students / Popular Teaching Destinations

TEFL teachers will find that jobs are easiest to come by in San Jose and the surrounding areas. And because the capital and its environs are less touristy than other parts of Costa Rica, they often have a lower cost of living, allowing an English teacher’s salary to provide a satisfying lifestyle. Teachers can also take on private EFL students to supplement their income in order to save money or to travel the stunning and friendly nation of Costa Rica in their time off.

Costa Rica Children

Costa Rica Overview

Volcanoes, rainforests, coral reefs and beautiful beaches are just a few of the elements that make up this country’s incredible and diverse landscape. A small nation located on a land separating the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Costa Rica can be traversed coast-to-coast in less than four hours by land or 45 minutes by air. Each coast features beautiful beaches and ports with advanced infrastructure, both of which are important assets to Costa Rica’s economy which depends on tourism, electronic exports, and agriculture (especially bananas and coffee).

Characterized by social and political stability, high educational levels, modern services, and a dedication to protecting the environment, Costa Rica’s society is as impressive as its scenery. Costa Rican natives and residents are known for their laid-back, friendly attitude and their fondness of “pura vida” or “pure life.”


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Topics covered in the Costa Rica guide are:


Country description
  • Culture
  • Language
  • Things to do and see
Teaching overview
  • Demand for teachers
  • Major TEFL cities
  • Typical students
  • Peak hiring season
  • Hiring process
  • Typical contract length
Cost of living
  • Currency
  • Sample cost guide
Job tips
  • How to find jobs
  • Interview advice
  • Hiring process
  • Work visa process
  • Recommended TEFL certification to qualify for jobs



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