The Perks of Teaching English in Thailand

By Bridge
April 8, 2014

Country Overview

Known as the “land of smiles”, Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Cambodia and Vietnam to the East, Laos to the north and Burma to the west. A country rich in culture and diverse landscape, Thailand is a favorite destination for many TEFL teachers. It presents a range of locations to teach in, from large cities like Bangkok with bustling streets and a wild nightlife to the greener, calmer capital of Chiang Mai with over 300 temples within its moated perimeter. Thailand, though, is perhaps most well known for its beaches in the southern regions with white sand shores and turquoise waters. With such diversity, there is plenty to explore if you teach in Thailand!

Teaching Requirements

To teach in Thailand, most employers require:

  • A TEFL certificate of at least 100 hours, either earned online or in the classroom
  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • A clean criminal background check
  • That you are a native English speaker

Job Description

In Thailand, you will most likely be teaching children, at either public or private schools. Teachers in public or private K-12 schools can expect a full-time schedule, such as would be worked in their home country. University positions are available as well to teachers who have state licensure and previous teaching experience. Opportunities also exist to teach adult professionals, though they are less common. If teaching adults, expect to work a more flexible 25-35 hour a week schedule that usually includes mornings and late afternoon or evening classes.

Getting Jobs

The best time to get hired to teach in Thailand is mid-March through mid-May and August through September. Teaching vacancies are often posted on online TEFL job boards, so it is possible to become certified via an online course, and then arrange your teaching job before going to Thailand.

The Perks

Schools in Thailand will often assist teachers with the visa process as well as with finding appropriate housing. While salaries are not as high as in other Asian countries, they are still good (about 900 – 1600 USD per month) and the cost of living is low, enabling you to travel and experience all that Thailand has to offer!

Teach Abroad Internships

If you prefer to have everything set up in advance of your arrival in Thailand, consider taking part in a  Teach Abroad Program. The Teach in Thailand program includes the online certification, but has added benefits such as job placement,  in-country orientation, housing included, health insurance, and other in-country-supports.

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