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21August 2018

SEVIS by the Numbers, from an Intensive English Program Perspective

SEVIS data on F and M students in the U.S. is useful but there are gaps that make drawing the more granular conclusions difficult. We’ve taken on this challenge of examining SEVIS numbers through the perspective of the Intensive English Program, in order to examine the drivers that are affecting our sector.

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02November 2017

3 Ways Universities Can Maximize Agent Partner Relations

As more universities work with international student recruitment agents around the globe every year, many institutions have questions about how to best maximize this channel partner relationship. Andrew Johnson, International Outreach Manager at Bridge, shares three tips universities can use to more effectively work with international recruitment agents.

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26October 2017

Notes from the Field – Takeaways from the EnglishUSA Annual Conference

Lisa Rooney, Vice President for Institutional Relations at Bridge, shares key takeaways she learned regarding Intensive English Program while attending the EnglishUSA Annual Stakeholders Conference in Washington, D.C on October 4-5. She covers the latest trends in keeping “no stone unturned” when it comes to maximizing opportunities for increased enrollments and diversified student populations for IEPs.

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29September 2017

Bundled University Pathways… Unbundled?

Are so-called “bundled pathways” still the best choice for the recruitment of international students at U.S. universities, and the world over, or are unbundled, a la carte services the future? At a time when the international education sector is dominated by conversations on change, it’s time to take another look at options for internationalization in higher education.

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12July 2017

U.S. Higher Education Roadshows in Latin America: Unique Opportunities for International Collaboration

Building on the success of the 2015 and 2016 Higher Education Roadshows in Chile, Bridge has expanded these networking events to Brazil and Chile in fall 2017 and Peru and Colombia in spring 2018. Limited to only 12 institutions, the Roadshows bring together higher education, government, and corporate sectors to promote student mobility and the development of mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnerships.

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17March 2017

Bridge Students at Philadelphia University Collaborate on Nexus Maximus Project

Bridge students at Philadelphia University had a chance to participate in a unique, collaborative event on campus. They joined students from PhilaU and other universities in the U.S., and even Europe, in a project called Nexus Maximus. Innovation and entrepreneurship (not to mention English practice!) were the focus of this four-day event, in which student groups compete to come up with the best solution to a real-world problem.

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