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IATEFL and TESOL: The Two Titans of ELT (Part One)

For over 50 years, TESOL International Association (commonly referred to simply as TESOL) and the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) have been the two most reputable and widespread associations in the English Language Teaching (ELT) field. Members of these associations, as well as past presidents and board members, led […]

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Teaching English With TikTok? How Social Media Is Making Microlearning Big Business

Microlearning — instruction delivered in short, bite-sized chunks — has become increasingly popular in the corporate world for in-service training. Although the term was coined back in 1963 by Hector Correa in his book “The Economics of Human Resources,” microlearning didn’t really catch on in education until the 1990s, when the internet brought education online. […]

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ELT Entrepreneurs Come to Bridge as YLAI Fellows, Leave as Leaders

Although cliché, there’s a Roman proverb that still rings true with many thriving entrepreneurs: “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Raquel Castro knows that feeling entirely. At 10-years-old, she acquired a strong desire to speak English. Her mother was a food preparer at the local language school and Castro was, by default, introduced to the […]

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Bridge Partners With Latin American Governments to Support English Teacher Development

Education systems in Latin America are prioritizing English language proficiency as a necessary skill for graduates to be equipped for success in an increasingly globalized world, according to a report from the Inter-American Dialogue think-tank, which covers several policy areas in every geographical region from Canada to the southern tip of Chile. In the last ten […]

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U.S. Intensive English Programs: Short-Term Volatility or Long-Term Decline?

Intensive English Programs (IEPs) in the United States provide English language instruction to international students and visitors. Traditionally, this has been primarily through Academic English programs, offering preparation for study at U.S. universities, but also through short-term General English or Business English programs (for executives) and, in recent years, English summer camps for teens. Intensive English […]

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A student poses with the results of his IELTS English language test.

English Test Providers Jockey for Position as Pandemic Accelerates Online Trend

Luis von Ahn, the co-founder and CEO of Duolingo, had to travel to the neighboring country of El Salvador to sit his English language proficiency exam for a U.S. college when his native Guatemala literally had no testing center seats left for students. Fast forward several years and Duolingo is now among the leading online […]

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Members of a BRAZ-TESOL special interest group at a local event.

Are ‘SIGs’ the Unsung Heroes of English Teacher Associations?

There are many reasons to join a global or regional community of English language teaching professionals. Membership to the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) or TESOL International Association (commonly referred to as TESOL) includes discounted access to exclusive conferences, webinars, and publications, but most of all, a community of […]

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Spitting Rhymes in the Classroom: Bridge Partners With Lo-Fi to Mix Hip-Hop and EFL

In 2019, Miles Iton found himself in a classroom full of Taiwanese sixth graders who were looking on as he put together his entire DJ set-up at the front of the class. The kids were expecting to be taught an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) class by an American Fulbright scholar at Sheng-Li Elementary […]

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An ESL teacher works with students abroad

Pipe Dream or Possibility? Moving Abroad to Teach English During the Pandemic

Missouri resident, English teacher, and blogger, Kristin Blake, has wanted to move to France since high school when her French teacher introduced her to French language and culture. She made good on that plan in January 2020 by applying for an English teaching program in the South of France and expected to hear if she […]

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ELT marketplace teacher profiles

Online ELT Marketplaces: How They Work, What They Charge & How to Make the Most of Them

When thriving language–learning app, Busuu, acquired video-tutoring language marketplace, Verbling, back in mid-January 2020, it was perhaps not fully aware of quite how prescient its “double-digit million dollar acquisition” had been. At that point, projections for the expansion of online learning were already robust, with one source expecting the online English language learning industry alone to grow […]

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