Camille Turner

Camille is a content marketing editor and writer, specializing in the language industry. Her love for language and experiencing other cultures has taken her around the globe, and she has taught English abroad both in the classroom and online. When not working or traveling, she can be found spending time with her family or — when not chasing after her toddler — cozying up with a good book!

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ESL Lesson Plans

How to Create ESL Lesson Plans for TEFL + Top Sites to Find Free Ones!

A planned, structured TEFL lesson guides your curriculum as a teacher and provides measurable objectives for students. Let’s take a look at the components of effective plans, how to write your own, and top sites for finding free ESL lesson plans.

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Katie, teacher in South Korea, with her students

Teaching English Abroad Salaries – Where Can You Make the Most Money?

Where do TEFL teachers make the most money? Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates are among the highest paying places to teach English, yet looking only at salary doesn’t provide the whole picture when it comes to ESL teacher salary. We’ll break down the highest paying TEFL destinations and also factor in cost of living to see where you can get the most “bang for your buck” when teaching abroad.

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How to Teach English Abroad

How to Teach English Abroad: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Adventure

You want to begin your adventure teaching English abroad, but with all the various websites, blogs, and advice out there, you’re not sure how to get started. Don’t let information overload stall your plans! Follow this easy, step-by-step guide on how to teach English abroad to set your plans in motion.

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Bridge Course Support

Bridge Course Support: Enhancing the TEFL Student Experience

Whether you’re currently taking a TEFL course or are thinking of starting your own ESL teaching business and need ideas for how to offer your courses, looking at the support Bridge offers throughout and beyond our courses can help. Let’s dive into how Bridge tackles instructional design, the assistance we offer through the Bridge Support […]

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sustainability in the ESL classroom

5 Earth Day Lesson Plans to Teach Sustainability in the ESL Classroom

Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day or want to use your ESL classroom as a vehicle for positive change year-round, these lesson plans for teaching online and in person will get you started. Read on to find out how to teach sustainability in the ESL classroom and how to offset your own carbon footprint while working […]

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teach Business English

The Essentials of Teaching Business English Online and In Person

What is teaching Business English all about, and what activities should you use in this TEFL/TESOL subfield? Learn where these adult ESL students are, what it takes to get a job teaching Business English online or in the classroom, and how to effectively work with this demographic.

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Use LinkedIn to get a TEFL job

How to Use LinkedIn to Get a TEFL/TESOL Job 

From joining professional groups and following organizations to adding digital badges to your profile, check out the many ways you can use this social platform to get a teaching job.

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study tips for Bridge courses

Study Tips for Bridge TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses

Whether you’ve taken an online TEFL/TESOL course before or are completely new to this type of certification, there are certain strategies you can implement to succeed. Using these study tips for Bridge courses can help you get the most out of your professional TEFL/TESOL certification and ensure that you not only pass the course but […]

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get a job teaching adults English

How to Get a Job Teaching Adults English Online or Abroad

Looking to trade in your puppets and stickers for mock interview scripts and email templates? Find out how you can get a job teaching adults English online or in person.

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ESL icebreakers

13 Easy ESL Icebreakers to Get Your Students Talking

Whether starting the first day with a bang or re-energizing students throughout the term, ESL icebreakers get students moving, build confidence, and set the tone for the class. We share how to effectively use these ESL icebreakers in your class.

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