Pedagogy (TESOL/TEFL Strategies & Methodology)

Learn about the latest pedagogy for TEFL/TESOL from the experts. Stay up-to-date with the latest teaching trends and learn how to be the most effective English teacher you can be. We’ll show you how to manage large ESL classrooms, effectively use ESL games and activities to engage your students, teach English with limited resources, and other hot topics. ELT pedagogy is constantly evolving so ensure you have the latest information so you succeed in your teaching goals.

reading with kids in an ESL class

The Power of Storytelling for Young Learners in the ESL Classroom

Setting aside time for storytelling for young learners in the ESL classroom can increase students’ vocabulary and help them develop better listening and reading comprehension skills. Find out other ways storytelling can help your young ESL students!

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ESL students

The Pros and Cons of School-Provided, “Centralized” Lesson Plans for ESL

Using pre-established, centralized lesson plans in schools and online ESL companies is a growing trend. Find out the pros and cons of centralized lesson plans, and get tips for using them effectively in your classroom.

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ESL philosophy of teaching statement

ESL Philosophy of Teaching Statement: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

An ESL philosophy of teaching statement can help you be a better teacher and land a top teaching job. Find out why you need a teaching philosophy and how to write one. Plus, look at some example teaching philosophy statements.

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Kindergarten Students of English Teacher in Wanli, China, Erin Coyle

Fun ESL Games and Activities for Kids & Teens

Learning English as a second language probably won’t make young learners’ and teens’ list of top three favorite activities, but incorporating games into your lessons is a great way to help young students review what they’ve learned in an interactive, fun, and memorable way.

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How to Teach English Grammar

How to Teach English Grammar – Even if You’re Terrible at It!

Worried about how to teach English grammar in the ESL classroom? You don’t need perfect grammar to teach English grammar — you just need these tips and strategies to be prepared and confident!

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ESL Speaking Activities

Give Your Students the Gift of Gab: 11 Fun TEFL Speaking Activities

Are your students scared, unmotivated, or bored when it comes to speaking in class? Use these 11 fun, engaging TEFL speaking activities to get students talking and practicing their English in the online or physical classroom!

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Krzl, teaching English online from Chile

The Essentials of Teaching Business English Online and In Person

What is teaching Business English all about and what activities should you use in this TEFL/TESOL subfield? Learn where these adult ESL students are, what it takes to get a job teaching Business English online or in the classroom, and how to effectively work with this demographic.

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ESL Grammar Lesson Plan

How to Create ESL Grammar Lesson Plans

Don’t be scared by ESL grammar lesson plans! Incorporating these 5 basic things ensures that your grammar lesson will be effective and fun. We’ve also got some additional tips and a sample grammar lesson plan for more guidance.

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teacher talking time vs student talking time

What Is TTT When Teaching English?

What is TTT when teaching English, why is it important to reduce it, and how do you encourage your ESL students to speak more in class? Find out the answer to these and other questions!

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Students doing icebreakers in a TEFL class

ESL Pronunciation Games for Teaching Kids, Teens, and Adults

Mastering clear and correct pronunciation helps students become confident communicators both in and out of class. Try these ESL pronunciation games to integrate plenty of phonics practice into your online or classroom-based lessons with young learners, teens, and adults.

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