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How Learning a Second Language Can Help You Teach English

Jake Young, founder of the ESL website for English teachers, Fluentize, spent 10 years teaching in the Czech Republic. Based on his own experience learning Czech, Jake shares the many ways learning any new language can make you a better English teacher. 

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Bridge Partner, Jake Young, Creator of Fluentize Website for EFL Teachers

Jake Young is a TEFL grad who taught in the Czech Republic for almost a decade before he founded Fluentize, a site for EFL teachers that provides video-based lesson plans. We interviewed him about his path from EFL teacher to teacherpreneur.

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Erik Ardnt, BridgeTEFL grad and creator of Insights to English

Bridge Grad Erik’s Journey from English Teacher to ELT Website Creator

Erik originally studied engineering but later got TEFL certified at Bridge and taught abroad. Along the way, he developed methods to better teach his students and ultimately created a website to share those ideas with other teachers.

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Teaching Large ESL Classes in Thailand

Tips for Teaching Large ESL Classes of Kids & Teens

Teaching large ESL classes of kids or teens can seem overwhelming, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for this scenario if you plan to teach abroad since it’s common in many parts of the world. These 7 tips from an experienced teacher will help you make teaching a big class meaningful and even efficient.

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ESL Teacher with Young Students

How to Teach English to Beginners 

Teaching English to beginner-level learners can be an intimidating thought for some teachers, especially if they don’t speak their students’ native language. We’ll fill you in on how it works to teach students of this level and give you some great activities so you can teach beginners with confidence!

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Prepare to teach abroad.

How to Prepare for Teaching English Abroad: Get the most out of your TEFL certification course!

Teaching English abroad is fun and exciting, and it’s easy to want to rush into it. But like all things that are worth your while, teaching abroad requires plenty of preparation before you make a commitment. Read on to learn about the important steps in teaching abroad, from earning your TEFL certificate to landing your first position.

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5 Reasons Luke Skywalker Would Make a Great TEFL Teacher

Have you ever noticed that the main character in Star Wars is also a great role model for TEFL teachers everywhere? We have! Let us break it down for you.

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Carl Summers, Teacher in South Korea

Carl, 26, is a graduate from Montreal, Canada, who taught in Jeongeup, South Korea. We asked him some questions about his experience in this popular Asian teaching destination. 

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Teach Abroad Myths Debunked

Teaching abroad is easier than you might think! While there are obstacles, you can work around them. Don’t let these five common teach abroad myths discourage you from pursuing an adventure.

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Program Spotlight: Teach in Vietnam Internship Alumni

If you’re considering teaching abroad in Vietnam, especially through a structured internship like the Bridge Teach in Vietnam Program, hearing firsthand accounts from alumni who’ve “been there” is key! 2015 program participants Orla, Derrick, and John shared a bit about their experience in Vietnam to help you get an inside perspective on the program.

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