Kindergarten Students of English Teacher in Wanli, China, Erin Coyle

ESL Games & Activities for Kids

Learning English as a second language probably won’t make young learners’ and teens’ list of top three favorite activities, but incorporating games into your lessons is a great way to help young students review what they’ve learned in an interactive, fun, and memorable way.

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TEFL Jobs Teaching English to Adults vs. Kids – What to Know

Did you know that the age group you prefer to teach should factor into your choice of teaching location and is also a consideration if you plan to teach online? This overview of teaching English to adults vs. kids covers this and other topics related to teaching different age groups.

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South African Teacher, Britta, in the Republic of Georgia

Feeling bored in her career, Britta, from South Africa, decided there must be more to life, so she did some soul searching and discovered TEFL. Now certified and happily teaching in Europe and hasn’t looked back!

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Teaching Large ESL Classes in Thailand

Tips for Teaching Large ESL Classes of Kids & Teens

Teaching large ESL classes of kids or teens can seem overwhelming, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for this scenario if you plan to teach abroad since it’s common in many parts of the world. These 7 tips from an experienced teacher will help you make teaching a big class meaningful and even efficient.

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Sharon, English teacher in Mexico

Meet Sharon from Mexico, Teaching Special Needs Students ESL

Sharon Hofmeister, from Mexico, has dedicated her career to teaching special education students in Mexico. We spoke with Sharon to find out more about her experience teaching English and how she is making an impact on the lives of many special education students. 

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How to Get a Job Abroad Teaching English to Kids

Teaching English as a foreign language offers a world of opportunity – especially if you’re interested in teaching English to children or teens, since jobs with young students abound. But are you qualified? And how do you go about getting a jobs abroad specifically with kids?

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Teacher with ESL Students

10 No-Prep ESL Activities for the Last 10 Minutes of Class with Kids

Uh oh! It’s 11:30 and you’ve finished teaching your ESL lesson, but your class isn’t scheduled to end until 11:40! Don’t panic! We’ve got 10 quick, rigorous, no-prep, ESL activities you can keep in your back pocket that work especially well with young learners.

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Lindsay, Teaching Young Learners in Tanzania

A Day in the Life of 6 ESL Teachers Who Teach Kids

Meet 6 ESL teachers in regions like Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America (as well as online) who shared what “a day in the life” teaching kids or teens is like for them, in their own words.

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ESL Teacher with Young Students

How to Teach English to Beginners 

Teaching English to beginner-level learners can be an intimidating thought for some teachers, especially if they don’t speak their students’ native language. We’ll fill you in on how it works to teach students of this level and give you some great activities so you can teach beginners with confidence!

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Bridge Graduate, Lindsay: ESL Volunteer in Tanzania

A graduate of the Bridge IDELTOnline and Specialized Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, Lindsay Mattone, from Hawaii, has a passion for child education and giving back on a global scale.

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