Make Sure Your ESL Students Know They Are Improving Their Language Skills!

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Are your ESL students progressing? Of course, make sure they know it!

After months of teaching a course, it happens…that bittersweet feedback from the student that says the teacher is excellent but the language improvement is poor… The worst feeling is getting feedback from students that say they don’t feel they have made any progress. How can we highlight progress throughout the course?


During each class, signposting is helpful. Before class, write down the class outline and objectives in the upper corner of the board. If you really want to get fancy, allow students time to look at it at the beginning of the class period, erase and at the end of the period elicit what they´ve achieved (recreating the list)…This shows your students a couple of things. First, that you are organized and well-prepared and second, what they will have practice doing during the next hour or two of their lives and the purpose behind your activities.

Feedback feedback feedback…We all remember the different ways of error correcting but all too often we forget to use them. Students want to be corrected and praised! ?


Try out This allows your students to communicate in English through an online forum and gives you a chance to give overall feedback and praise for improvements. Every week or two you can address a new topic and let your students imaginations run wild.

Of course, consistent review in class of problem areas is so helpful…


Every month or two, tutorials can be quick and painless. Give your students 5-10 minutes of individual time to review needs analysis, discuss student progress and areas to develop and throw in some helpful tips on how to achieve their goals.

Learning a new language can sometimes feel like an uphill battle – remember to always let your student know that they are winning.

February 11, 2013