Top Three Ways to Build Relationships at Your New EFL Job

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You just got an exciting job teaching English in a beautiful country. You’re trained in your field, and you know what you want to accomplish with your students. However, you still have butterflies about being the new kid on the block. How can you fit in with your new boss and coworkers?

Establishing friendly and supportive relationships at work helps you finish each day feeling confident and secure.

1) Find more than one source of support.

Even though your director told you “My door is always open”, he really doesn’t want to help you with a paper jam in the copier. Go out of your way (homemade cookies?) to establish good relationships with front office staff and facility workers.

2) Connect with several staff members and listen for what they can show you.

The English teacher who was new on staff last semester will be aware of the quirks of the payroll process. The loud talker in the break room will fill you in on the history of everyone and everything, but that quiet teacher who arrives an hour early to prepare activities all the students love may have more to share.

3) Listen, watch, and stay receptive.

When you are open to and interested in the people around you, your growing relationships will carry you over any rough times in the classroom. Also, keep developing your language skills, so you can communicate with more people at your center.

Being a teacher is more than working with students. As in all jobs, the friends we make at work enrich our lives.

May 21, 2012