Pedagogy (TESOL/TEFL Strategies & Methodology)

Learn about the latest pedagogy for TEFL/TESOL from the experts. Stay up to date with the latest teaching trends and learn how to be the most effective English teacher you can be. We’ll show you how to manage large ESL classrooms, effectively use ESL games and activities to engage your students, teach English with limited resources, and tackle other hot topics. ELT pedagogy is constantly evolving, so ensure you have the latest information so you succeed in your teaching goals.

18 Surefire Signs You’re a TEFLer in Chile

Here’s a little love for our past and present TEFL teachers living in Chile. Because the best things about life in Chile are not on the pages of your travel guide. You know you’re a TEFLer in Chile when: 1. You respond immediately when someone calls out “tia” or “tio”. 2. You think Sahne-Nuss is […]

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4 Typical ESL Students You’ll Find in South America

One of the best things about teaching English is the variety of people you’ll get to meet as your students. Whether you teach English in bustling Buenos Aires, sleek Santiago, or beautiful Brazil, you can expect to run into a great variety of ESL students from different industries and walks of life. Here are the […]

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TEFL Journal

Journal Your Way to TEFL Success

Journaling is not just for backpackers and sweet sixteens! In fact, the humble journal can be your best teaching tool in the TEFL classroom. Here at Bridge, we recommend taking the time to jot a few notes at the end of each class in your own TEFL journal, and here’s why: 1. You’ll get ideas […]

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EFL Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Etiquette in the Middle East

As is the case with any foreign culture, there are rules of manner and acts of faux pas that will be inherent anywhere you go – and you most likely will not know about them. Always do your research ahead of time so that you transition smoothly into your EFL teaching position without any major […]

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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your EFL Lessons

I’m a very visual person. I need to see something to understand it and often looking at images inspires my creativity. That’s why I love Pinterest. I use it for everything from inspiration for recipes, ideas to decorate my house, and yes- even ideas for EFL lessons. There are hundreds of classroom-inspired pin boards, and […]

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English teacher in Costa Rica

My First Teaching Job in Costa Rica!

For those just getting started on their journey toward teaching abroad, it can be helpful to hear from those who have “been there.” My very first TEFL job was in Costa Rica, a country that has remained popular with teachers over the years, and in telling you how I made it happen, I hope I […]

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The Value of Volunteering in an ESL Class: My Experience

  Have you ever thought about volunteering with an ESL class? It is a great way to practice your intercultural communication skills, learn about other cultures, and gain exposure to the TEFL scene. It could even help you make a better decision on what type of students would suit you better, as well as whether […]

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Lisa Rooney – Chile

Where did you teach English? I taught English at a private language institute in Santiago de Chile. My students were business people and most of my classes were held on-site at the company where they worked. It was a very professional environment. How was your teaching experience life-changing? Teaching English in Chile really did change […]

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How to Teach Classes With Mixed Ability

One common complication in teaching is finding that students of many different skill levels are placed together in our classroom. At times, the moment we pass out a reading comprehension exercise, Sergio is already finished while Juan has no idea how to begin. What can we do? Should we bore Sergio by adopting the “convoy” […]

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Teaching English in Japan: Catching Up with Kaye McDaniel

This post was written by Matthew Clark Kaye McDaniel was once a BridgeTEFL Bookings Advisor, a TEFLOnline guru, and an avid BridgeTEFL blogger. She worked for Bridge for over a year but left in June, 2011 to teach English in Japan. We recently had the chance to catch up with her to hear about her […]

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