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Our community of EFL teachers extends across the globe. Wherever you’re from, we’re here to support you on your teaching journey. Learn how to stand out to employers, find resources to help you excel in your career, land your dream job in your home country, online or abroad, and get inspired by fellow community members as they share their TEFL/TESOL stories and experiences. Become a member of our global English teaching community today!

English teacher in South Korea

Hunter, From the U.S., Teaching English in South Korea

Building connections with people from other cultures sparked the interest of IDELTOnline™ grad Hunter Holguin, from the U.S., to go down an English teaching path. After completing his TEFL course, he started his career abroad when he seized an opportunity to teach kids at a school in Seoul, South Korea. He shares how he’s adjusted […]

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ESL teachers from around the world

Meet 8 Inspirational ESL Teachers From Around the World

From English teachers relocating abroad to tutors building their niche in the virtual classroom, the colorful stories of TEFL/TESOL educators continue to diversify this field and inspire others to succeed. So, in line with Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve rounded up our favorite stories of Bridge graduates who have pursued their passion for teaching English and […]

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English teacher in the Dominican Republic

Samantha, From the U.S., Teaching in the Dominican Republic

By joining a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Bridge grad and Crown College student Samantha Stepp has been able to participate in an internship and get her feet wet in the English teaching field. Below, she talks about the programs she’s participating in as an intern abroad and how her TEFL/TESOL course, which she […]

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aviation English teacher in Brazil

Halan, From Brazil, Teaching Aviation English Online

Leveraging his background in aviation and his communication skills, Bridge grad Halan Bastos, from Brazil, began his own online ESL venture, in which he specializes in teaching aviation English in his home country. Read on to find out how he got started in this TEFL niche and how he has transformed the lives of many […]

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ESL teacher from canada

Julianne, From Nursing to Teaching English in Cambodia

Inspired to expand educational opportunities to underserved areas, Julianne Abbott shifted from nursing to the TEFL field. Currently, she teaches young learners in Cambodia. She recounts the opportunities she has had in various Southeast Asian countries and offers a glimpse of what her typical working day is like with primary schoolers. Hi, Julianne! Can you […]

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ETS TOEFL grant winner

Oluyemisi, TOEFL® English-language Researcher/ Practitioner Grant Winner

Seasoned secondary school teacher Oluyemisi Adebola Oladejo, from Nigeria, was awarded the ETS TOEFL® English-language Researcher/Practitioner Grant this year. She discusses how winning this grant gives her a chance not only to contribute more to the English language teaching (ELT) field but also to give back to the school where she’s teaching. Hi, Oluyemisi! Can […]

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English teacher in France

Suchismita, From India, Bilingual School Teacher in France

Determined to make her own way in a new country, Bridge grad Suchismita, from India, has been teaching English since she immigrated to France. She’s currently teaching ESL to young learners at a bilingual school. She fills us in on how she has built a new career and offers tips for how to land English […]

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online English teacher

Rachel, From the U.S., Traveling Online English Teacher

Inspired by the idea of traveling and their love for world festivals, Bridge grad and blogger Rachel Story, from the U.S., and her husband took a leap to become digital nomads. As traveling online English teachers, they’ve also created their own blog, Grateful Gypsies. Rachel describes how she has thrived in the virtual ESL teaching […]

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ESL teacher

Bridge Grad Vera, From Russia, Taking English Teaching to Social Media

When she returned home from teaching English in Chile, Vera wanted to continue helping her students practice English, so she started Speaking Club, a weekly live speaking event on Instagram. She shares how she uses social media to engage current and future ESL students.

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ESL teacher

Nkwa, From Trinidad and Tobago, Teaching English Online

The pandemic has given Bridge grad Nkwa, from Trinidad and Tobago, a window of opportunity to make a career switch to online English teaching. Currently, she specializes in giving Business English classes to professionals in Chile. She was happy to share with us her experience with teaching students in the corporate world and the rewarding […]

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