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Our community of EFL teachers extends across the globe. Wherever you’re from, we’re here to support you on your teaching journey. Learn how to stand out to employers, find resources to help you excel in your career, land your dream job in your home country, online or abroad, and get inspired by fellow community members as they share their TEFL/TESOL stories and experiences. Become a member of our global English teaching community today!

EFL teacher from Argentina

Celeste, From Argentina, Teaching English in Schools

For Bridge grad Celeste Addij, from Argentina, there’s always room to grow as an English teacher. This is the reason why she traveled to the U.S., where she’s currently focusing on her professional development. She tells us about her experience teaching kindergarten and college students in her home country, her plans for advancing her career, […]

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English teacher from Bolivia

Vinicius, From Bolivia, In-Company English Teacher

Seizing a number of unexpected opportunities led Bridge alum Vinicius Sierraalta, from Bolivia, to become an in-house corporate English language trainer in his home country. We interviewed him about how he stepped up his EFL teaching career, his strategies for giving dynamic Business English and TOEFL prep lessons, and his tips for keeping professionals engaged […]

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English teacher in Brazil

Johan, From Venezuela, on Teaching English in Brazil

Becoming fluent in English and six other languages led Bridge grad Johan Colmenares, from Venezuela, to not only connect with people from different communities but also build a career as a language teacher. Currently teaching Business English online in Brazil, he tells us how being multilingual has benefited him and how he has worked to […]

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online Business English teacher

Deborah, From South Africa, Virtual Business English Teacher

A desire to work remotely and teach adults led Bridge grad Deborah Cairns, from South Africa, to shift to teaching English online to business professionals. She shares how she broke into the Business English teaching niche and how she’s working toward building her own TEFL/TESOL business in the future. Hi, Deborah! Can you tell us […]

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a graphic with the name Angie Joy on the left and a headshot of her smiling on the right.

Angie Joy, From Teaching Special Education to Teaching English Online

What keeps you going as an English teacher? For Angie Joy Certeza, it’s watching her young learners grow every day. After a stint in teaching kids and special education students in person, she transitioned to teaching English online. She shares how moving to a virtual classroom helped her while overcoming challenging moments in her life, […]

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TEFL alumni

We’re Celebrating 1K Trustpilot Reviews! Meet Some of Our Amazing Alumni Around the World

We’re celebrating 1K Trustpilot reviews! We’d like to give a big shoutout to all of our amazing alumni teaching around the world to support learners and the ELT industry. We’ve met so many talented global teachers throughout our journey and want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have shown us […]

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ESL teacher in India

Urvi, From India, Teaching English in an Academy

By merging her favorite school subject and her passion for teaching, Bridge grad Urvi Patel, from India, has built a career as an English teacher in her home country. Aside from giving EFL classes to adult learners at an academy, she also works as an IELTS trainer. She discusses the importance of learning English in […]

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English teacher in Jordan

Maiss, From Jordan, Teaching Various TEFL Niches

Is it possible for an English teacher to thrive in three different TEFL niches? For Bridge grad Maiss Abu Fadaleh, from Jordan, it definitely is! She teaches English to young learners and teenagers at a school, Business English to adults online, and IELTS test preparation as a freelancer in her home country. She shares how […]

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English teacher in Ukraine

Sergii, From Ukraine, Teaching English to Kids

Amidst the tough conditions caused by the ongoing conflict in the region, Bridge student and EFL teacher Sergii Bukhalov, from Ukraine, has been able to stand his ground and keep giving classes in his home country. He discusses his love for linguistics, how he’s been coping with the current situation, and how he’s been able […]

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English teacher in Japan

Sithembiso, From South Africa, EFL Teacher in Japan

With his sights set on globetrotting, Bridge grad Sithembiso Nkosi, from South Africa, switched from the Physical Education field to teaching English. After earning online TEFL certification, he was accepted into the JET Programme, which enabled him to teach English in Japan. He shares how he landed his first overseas teaching job and discusses his […]

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