Laura Lewin, Giving her TedxTalk on Student Motivation

Meet Laura Lewin: Teacher-Training Expert, Author, and Speaker

She’s the founder of educational training company, ABS International, as well as a Ted Talk speaker, and the author of nine books for teachers, admin, parents, and students. In this interview, Laura Lewin weighs in on student motivation, making connections in the classroom, and the impact of coronavirus on education.

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Cristina, Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Bridge Grad, Cristina, Experienced Business English Teacher in Buenos Aires

Cristina specializes in teaching adult professionals in her home country, Argentina. We recently spoke with about the power of learning English, the impact she’s had on her students, and how her pre-coronavirus decision to get certified to teach English online has paid off.

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Juicy Mae, an online English teacher in class with a sudent

Filipina College Instructor, Juicy Mae, Now Thriving as an Online Teacher

Juicy Mae’s side job teaching English online has now become her main one due to the coronavirus crisis. She tells us about the Filipino company she teaches with, including what her job is like, what she loves about teaching online, and her advice for newbies.

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Evgenii, Russian English Teacher and Business Owner in Kuwait

Evgenii, From Russia, on Teaching in Kuwait and Starting His Own TEFL Business

As a career English teacher and TEFL business owner, Evgenii is dedicated to his professional development and gaining more “recognition and appreciation” as a non-native speaker, which is what motivated him to take the Bridge IDELTOnline.

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Badiru, Teacher in Uganda

Bridge Grad, Badiru, on Teaching English in Uganda

Past Bridge photo contest winner, Badiru, who is an experienced classroom teacher in Uganda, recently earned his Teaching English Online certification with us. Although he loves teaching kids in the classroom, he took the professional development courses to broaden his skills and job opportunities to venture into the online space.

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Johanna, English teacher transitioning online

Transitioning My Classes Online: Tips I’ve Learned From My TEFL/TESOL Course

Johanna, an experienced English teacher in Japan, shares terminology, techniques and tips she’s learned from her Teaching English Online TEFL/TESOL course as she transitions her students to the virtual classroom.

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Teaching English Online

Can I Teach English Online If I’m Not a Native Speaker?

As more schools shift their classes online, and English tutoring companies spring up around the world, prospects are increasing for qualified online ESL teachers. But if you come from a country where English is not the mother tongue, can you still teach English online? Here’s how to kick off your career, stand out as a teacher, and thrive as an online English teacher.

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Online English tutor, Sheyla

Sheyla, From Brazil, Independent Online English Tutor in the US

Sheyla already had more than a decade of teaching experience when she earned Certification in Teaching Online to make the shift to the virtual classroom. She’s now grateful to have a thriving online teaching business despite the challenges of the global crisis.

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Johanna, Teaching English in Japan

Bridge Grad Johanna, From Germany, Currently Teaching in Japan

Originally from Germany, Johanna, who started teaching abroad in 2010, is currently in Japan. She shares her path to TEFL, her perspective on teaching as a non-native English speaker, and the situation she’s experiencing as a teacher in Asia during the coronavirus crisis.

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Paola, English teacher in Argentina

Bridge Grad Paola, from Venezuela, Teaching English in Argentina

Venezuelan teacher, Paola, first found her love for teaching English to young students in her home country. She then decided to expand her horizons and teach in Argentina. She tells us about her experiences teaching at home and abroad as an English language learner herself.

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