Ben Dailey, teaching English online

What Are the Requirements to Teach English Online?

The requirements to teach English online differ with each company and can include things like a TEFL certification, a university degree, prior teaching experience, and proper equipment. Find out exactly what you need to score the perfect online teaching position!

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Make Your Experience Count: Careers in EFL

Whether your TEFL certification has taken you to classrooms around the world or allowed you to teach from home, chances are, you’ve accumulated valuable skills and experience you can apply toward a variety of long-term careers in EFL.

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Benefits of online learning

8 Benefits of Online Learning vs. the Classroom

Is it better to learn in a traditional classroom than online? In recent years, the virtual classroom has become the preferred choice for many learners. We look at the benefits of online learning when it comes to TEFL/TESOL certification.

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how to use digital badges for TEFL

How to Use Digital Badges to Get a TEFL Job

Digital badges are the future of e-learning credentials and Bridge wants you to be part of it. We’ll show you how to easily claim the digital badges you’ll earn for any BridgeTEFL course and add them to your LinkedIn profile, personal blog, resume, and more to stand out when applying to jobs.

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High School TEFL Teacher in China

I’m Already a Teacher – Do I Need TEFL Certification?

You’re a certified and experienced teacher in your home country and you want to teach English abroad. Is TEFL certification really required, in addition to your existing credentials? Hear from teachers who were in your shoes and learn about the benefits of TEFL training, even for seasoned pros.

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Woman at laptop

Which TEFL Courses Are Legitimate? The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Program

As you browse your TEFL course options, you want to be sure and choose a legitimate, high-quality training that will be internationally recognized. Use this 7-step checklist to determine if a TEFL provider is reputable and meets global industry standards.

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Can I Take the CELTA Online? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives 

Are you looking to earn an internationally-recognized, high-quality TEFL/TESOL certification from home? You may have considered the online version of the well-known (and traditionally classroom-based) CELTA course. But what is the CELTA online all about, and is it a good choice for you?

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Lauren, TEFL Teacher in Argentina

Seeking Summer in January? Teach English in South America!

When fall rolls around, some people are already counting down to the summer thaw. For you, my warm-weather loving friends, we have a solution. It’s not a fuzzy sweater or heated socks, but something bigger and better – a shift in hemisphere. Here’s why you should consider teaching in South America this winter!

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Happy students gathered on school lawn after graduation ceremony

Is Getting a Master’s in TESOL Worth It?

Whether you’ve been dreaming of teaching English your whole life or have only recently decided to make it your new career path, your research has likely uncovered plenty of training options. Most teachers earn TEFL certification (either online and in the classroom), but others choose higher education, such as earning a graduate certificate or master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). If you could see yourself making a career of teaching, you may wonder, “Is getting a Master’s in TESOL worth it?”

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Meet Gabby, Argentinian English Teacher and Bridge Course Tutor

Gabby, head tutor for the BridgeTEFL Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers programs, talks about being a course tutor, teaching young learners and teens in Argentina, and how being a non-native English speaker has shaped the way she teaches.

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