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Take your teaching career to the next level with professional development. Whether it’s taking a specialized TEFL/TESOL course to enhance your resume or learning a new skill you can use to improve your teaching, we’re always offering new professional development opportunities to our global teachers.

CELTA – Is It the Best TEFL Certification Course?

Not long after you started researching teaching English abroad, you probably came across the acronym CELTA. At first, you probably didn’t know what it was, but inevitably it popped up so many times on all the various TEFL websites that you couldn’t help but learn that it’s a TEFL certification course designed and accredited by […]

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Teaching English in Japan: Catching Up with Kaye McDaniel

This post was written by Matthew Clark Kaye McDaniel was once a BridgeTEFL Bookings Advisor, a TEFLOnline guru, and an avid BridgeTEFL blogger. She worked for Bridge for over a year but left in June, 2011 to teach English in Japan. We recently had the chance to catch up with her to hear about her […]

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Why I Chose a Classroom TEFL Course: Guest Blog by Shaley George

Shaley George recently completed a TEFL certification course with Bridge and was kind enough to write this blog about how and why she came to choose the course she did. I’m Shaley George and I am an IDELT course graduate. When I decided to take a TEFL course in 2010, I had just graduated university […]

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Which Online TEFL Certification is for You? Distance-Learning vs. Self-Study

You want to teach English abroad.  You don’t have a TEFL certification.  You can’t attend a face-to-face, traditional TEFL course like the CELTA or IDELT.  What do you do? The answer is easy – you get TEFL certified online, of course.  Well, that’s the easy part.  Now you have to figure out which online TEFL […]

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Bridge IDELT Graduates

Part Four: Surviving the IDELT™ Course – Tips from IDELT™ Graduates!

This post was written by Susan Weymouth Tips from IDELT™ Graduates So far, the Denver IDELT™ trainers have given you ‘tips’ on choosing, planning for and getting the most from the IDELT™ course. As promised, I asked several recent graduates to also weigh in on the topic. More specifically, I asked them to write the […]

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Interview with Jesse Myers, BCELT Class of 2011

This post was written by Matthew Clark Over recent years, distance learning has exploded in higher education, with degrees available in almost every discipline spanning from undergraduate to doctorate programs.  There are several benefits to distance learning, the most obvious being the flexibility and convenience of taking the course anywhere you have an internet connection. […]

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Accredited TEFL course

The Lowdown on TEFL Course Accreditation: Interview with BridgeTEFL Director Lisa Rooney

This post was written by Matthew Clark. The Lowdown on TEFL Course Accreditation: These days finding a TEFL course is as easy as running a google search on “TEFL certification” and browsing the top ten results to find the provider with the most professional-looking website. Right? Not exactly. Sure, you need something that fits your […]

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Notes from the Field: “Chile was a great choice!”

  Greetings, faithful readers.  If you haven’t already heard, Bridge is seeking candidates for our Teach in Chile program. Our institute in Chile has become one of Santiago’s top schools for learning English, and it is certainly a hotspot for those seeking to secure their EFL certification through the IDELT program we offer there. Many of […]

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Tips the Trainers! Getting the Most from Your IDELT™ TEFL Course

The nature of the classroom-based International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELT) course demands 100% of your time and energy. It is fast-paced with high-input and immediate output. Take advantage of your time on the course – that’s what you paid for! Maximize your time and energy Be sure to read the grading rubrics and […]

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Tips from a Trainer– Part One: Choosing the IDELT™ Course

This post was written by Denise Kray Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Seoul. You have probably already considered where you want to teach English, but have you also considered how you will get there? The answer is simple: take the IDELT™ (International Diploma in English Language Teaching). What is the IDELT™? The IDELT™ […]

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