Kevin Mermel, Bridge Jobs Advisor

Bridge Advisor, Kevin, on Teaching in Portugal and His Tips for Job Seekers

Kevin describes his experience as a teacher in Portugal and how it led him to become a Program and Job Advisor at Bridge. He also shares the different ways he helps people TEFL – whether they’re just starting out or are experienced teachers in search of jobs abroad or online.

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English Teacher in Thailand with elephants

How to Teach English in Thailand: The Ultimate Guide

Discover how to teach English in Thailand, a country with a rich culture, beautiful landscape, and high demand for ESL teachers. Learn about salaries, teaching requirements, and where to find job openings, and hear from experienced teachers who have taught there.

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6 Strategies to Kickstart Your ESL Tutoring Side Gig

Teaching private classes can be a lucrative side gig to your regular teaching job or a great way to transition into starting your own English tutoring business. Experienced English tutor, Jake Young, shares his advice on marketing yourself as an English teacher and building a base of private students.

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BFITS Thailand

Bridge Preferred Employment Partner: BFITS Thailand!

Get to know trusted Bridge Employment Partner in Thailand, BFITS, which is currently hiring English teachers (and teachers of other subjects) for public and private K-12 school positions all over the country. Learn about requirements, salary, and benefits at BFITS and hear from teachers working there.

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8 Reasons You Should Attend a TEFL/TESOL Conference This Year

Consider attending a TESOL conference this year if you’re looking for a fun way to connect with other teachers, further your professional development, and learn about new job opportunities.

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What is a Skype TEFL Job Interview Really Like?

You’ve applied for TEFL jobs abroad, and now you have a job interview! Great, but how does it work? Brendan O’Shea is here to walk you through a TEFL job interview and provide helpful insight on how to be successful in them!

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ESL Teacher at APAX English

Bridge Preferred Partner Profile: APAX English, Vietnam

APAX English is the largest ESL school in Vietnam, with over 100 centers throughout the country. Learn what it’s like to teach with this organization, which is one of a select group of schools in the Bridge Preferred Employment Partner network.

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Online English Teacher

Can I Teach English Online With No Degree? 

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! We’ll share some online English tutoring companies that hire teachers without bachelor’s degrees, give you tips for standing out when applying to jobs, and even offer alternatives avenues for teaching online.

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TEFL Teacher Abroad in Thailand

Teach Abroad Timeline FAQs

Making the leap to teach English abroad can take some serious planning. You’ve got to pick your teaching location, research the requirements to get hired there, choose and complete your TEFL course, and land your first TEFL job. So, what should your teach abroad timeline look like? 

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how to use digital badges for TEFL

How to Use Digital Badges to Get a TEFL Job

Digital badges are the future of e-learning credentials and Bridge wants you to be part of it. We’ll show you how to easily claim the digital badges you’ll earn for any BridgeTEFL course and add them to your LinkedIn profile, personal blog, resume, and more to stand out when applying to jobs.

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